Working Through Forgiveness with Dr Erica Steele



Speaker 1: Time for another Wellness Minute with Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice.

Speaker 2: Goodness is a conscious choice to let go of bitterness, anger, and resentment towards ourselves and other people. A lack of forgiveness in self and holding onto all of that. Bitterness and resentment are causes of autoimmune conditions as you learn to pick yourself apart, literally and figuratively.

We wanna really learn how to forgive ourselves because we’re all fallible. At the end of the day, we all make mistakes, and so the more that we’re able to acknowledge the error and then fully accept ourselves exactly as we are, the more that we’re able to forgive and get other people, it’s a hundred percent healthy.

For us all to make mistakes and own up to our mistakes is really important for us to accept not only personal responsibility. But to release negativity such as anger, resentment, and hostility, which can impact and burden the liver and digestive system. We must use tools like journaling to accept our forgiveness and our flaws, as well as talking to friends and family and even seeking a healthcare professional can really help you to learn how to practice forgiveness daily

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