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Speaker 1: Welcome back. While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they can also be the most stressful. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here with some advice on how to detox. Okay, so we need to chat because I. A lot of people are stressed. We’re all running around Exactly.

Not enough time to do things. , but why do we get so stressed and what are we doing to ourselves this time of the year that’s not good for us?

Speaker 2: Yeah. I think we’re doing a lot of things. It, for one, for whatever reason the lifestyle and the Toxicity Testing habits are amplified during this holiday season.

It’s like everything’s surrounding food. Not always healthy food. There’s family coming in. There’s just a lot of, almost. That happens, people coming and going and here and there and everywhere. It’s good to be able to take that time to be able to detoxify yourself.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Not to mention everybody seems to be getting sick too this time of the year. So then you’re fighting all the germs as well. Exactly. So how can we detox? How can we stay healthy?

Speaker 2: Yeah. So I think the first thing too is really learning how to manage your stress, right? So taking breaths, really being your mom almost relaxed about everything and taking it in, really finding your breath with that.

Speaker 1: So what do you mean, finding your breath? Am I just supposed to be?

Speaker 2: A lot of people hold their breath.Toxicity Testing Oh, like all the time. So we’re not necessarily breathing deeply. We’re just kinda oh my gosh, I gotta do this, I gotta do that. I gotta get you kinda amped up. Yeah, totally. So that keeps you very anxious. Oh. And keeps you oh you’re not, not having enough oxygen to your brain. So a little more reactive. So if you find your breath, like we just find it now. Okay. We find her breath, then you know, things. Won’t be as stressful.


Speaker 1: It is hard. I found my breath.What else can we do?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so obviously staying away from healthy foods if we can’t, or at least minimizing them, so we wanna create balance.

Speaker 1: So stay away from the unhealthy foods.

Speaker 2: I’d love to say that, but realistically most people aren’t going to do that. , like I don’t typically put people through any kind of aggressive cleansing or anything like that during this holiday season.

Speaker 1: Be too traumatic

Speaker 2: it way, seeing all the cookies and cakes. It’s just way. But it’s all about balance, right? Yeah. We’ve talked about that. So adding more of theToxicity Testing healthy things in, and Toxicity Testing so that way it almost the unhealthy things that we eat don’t really matter as much.

Speaker 1: Gotcha. And you have some cool things, some services.

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly. So we offer our basic detox services in our practice. And so they’re designed to just allow the body’s ability to heal itself, right? Rather. And using it. So it doesn’t add like any herbs or anything like that to the body. It’s just really using like heat and dry sauna. And we have our bio, which has minerals in it.

girlsSpeaker 1: What is a BioMAT?

Speaker 2: Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. BioMAT, they have minerals of tormaline and jade and you lay on them. Really good for the horman.

Speaker 1: Really? So are you laying on a mat?

Speaker 2: Yeah. You’re laying on a mat on a table. Uhhuh. . You lay face up, it’s heated, so it also has infrared. Okay. Qualities to it as well. So really a good detoxifier.

Speaker 1: So we turned some video right now. What is that?

Speaker 2: Oh, that’s our foot detox.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah. So what is that actually doing?

Speaker 2: That’s a bio energetic cleanse. So what that does, he’s putting the, Tim’s putting the array in there. So what the array does is that it releases positively charged. Third process called osmosis. It cleans the entire body. So it, again, it’s cleaning more of the bio energetic system.

Speaker 1: So are those like those foot pads that you buy at the store and you stick on the feet? Those don’t work?

Speaker 2: I don’t know. I don’t I don’t know if they work, they don’t work. I don’t know much about ’em. I know this actually has more of that bio energetic frequency in it, so it helps your meridian system more eastern than Western medicine.

Speaker 1: Okay. Is it. To have all that stuff hooked up like that.

Speaker 2: For sure. The only thing that only people that can’t do it are people with pacemakers. Cause it actually stopped the pacemaker. Oh, scary. Yeah. Yeah. So that we know that. So no pacemaker.

Speaker 1: But everybody else, it’s totally safe to do. Yeah. And this dry sauna, what does that do for you?

Speaker 2: So infrared dry sauna helps increase blood flow, Toxicity Testing circulation, metabolism, right? Definitely burning off sugar if you’re eating all these cookies. Also if you feel like you’re getting a little sick, I put give a person a remedy and they go right in the dry sauna for 45. 45 minutes. Yeah. Gosh. Like I pass out, gosh. Oh no, not even. People start slow and then they work up. Okay. Okay, great. You’d be surprised. It’s really the last 15 minutes.

That’s the tougher part of it. Like the first 30 is okay. And then, some people don’t sweat, actually. Really? Yeah. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re too toxic, your body won’t actually. Sweat initially. What does it do with It? Just holds it all in. Just holds it there.

Oh, lie. And then before you’re dehydrated, there’s that too. We also require everybody to drink a minimum of 16 ounces of water before they Oh wow.

Speaker 1: Do it in sauna or steam. Which one do you do? This better.

Speaker 2: So I They’re not, they’re different. Okay. I love the steam cuz it opens up your pores. It’s a little more relaxing, we put aromatherapy and there sometimes too. Exactly. . It just feels good. Like you feel refreshed and clean afterwards.

Speaker 1: That gets out toxins too. Oh yeah. Cuz it opens up your. Course. So you excrete those taco great for the skin. So we can do all of this at your office. Yeah. . what do you have to do? How do we find you?

ToxinSpeaker 2: So we have our website, holistic family practice va.com. We also have a promotion right now where you have five basic detoxes for $49. What? Yes.

Speaker 1: That’s a great deal.

Speaker 2: I know. It’s amazing. Whoa. Yeah. You just mentioned cos live. Yeah.

Speaker 1: So there’s the special on the screen right there to mention Coast Live. Take advantage of that. How long does all this stuff take? If you get all these.
Speaker 2: typically Toxicity Testing do one or two Okay. In a treatment with about an hour and plus every patient has a 15 minute consult with me. So we make sure there’s no in indications, contraindications, we educate the people and make sure that they know what’s up.

Speaker 1: I need to go and do that. I want some detox. So much. Dr. Steel, thank you so much. Thank you. You’ve enlighted me and happy holidays too.

Speaker 2: Awesome. Thank You

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