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Dr Erica: Have you ever wondered why Importance of Integrative Health matters? Tune in to find out. My name is Dr. Erica Steele. I’m a holistic doctor in family practice. I have six degrees in my field. They’re all in the natural Importance of Integrative Health , ranging from psychology to natural healthcare sciences, naturopathy, public health, you name it.

I have definitely experienced and learned the gamut of natural healthcare. So now to our topic of why Importance of Integrative Health matters. So it’s important to know that human beings are dynamic, they’re complex, they have so many different aspects of themselves, from physical to mental, emotional, even energetic.

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And so it’s important to take a very holistic approach, a very humanistic approach when we’re looking at addressing what a cause is for a patient. If we’re just looking at treating symptoms, then we’re gonna be very reactionary. We’re constantly going to. Chasing this symptom and chasing that symptom and chasing that symptom, and the patient ends up getting frustrated because it’s ineffective.

Because a lot of times the symptoms are just the body giving signal and communicating with the person and saying that there’s something that’s out of balance. It’s up to the provider to discover and work with that patient to be able to quickly and efficiently identify what that root cause is. And d.

Viruses, bacterias, heavy metal toxicities, all sorts of, even emotions can trigger a lot of symptoms. And so we have to really put our detective hats on to really understand what could be driving a lot of these symptoms. It takes a lot of discipline and you have to be able to see the big picture and be a little bit more of the detective.

I always say that allopathic doctors are more like the firefighters. They’re always running in to put the fires out and we need fire. In our healthcare system, we need emergency care people. We need providers that are trained to quickly identify and stabilize the patient. And so for acute care purposes, they’re absolutely excellent.

Also, too, for let’s say surgery or procedures, absolutely brilliant. Sometimes we need to have surgery, sometimes we need to have some of these more aggressive procedures. However, Vast majority of people, especially those living with chronic disease, may not necessarily need either one. They may not need the acute care and they may not need the surgical intervention.

So what is the in-between state? The in-between state is being able to educate that patient on what those root causes are, whether that’s lifestyle, nutrition, mindset emotional Importance of Integrative Health and wellbeing, et cetera. And then from there, Teach that patient practically. In integrative health, we use a lot of data.

atient practically

We don’t just give out supplements like KitKats. That’s not really the way that it works. We wanna look at the data that the patient is presenting with, and then based off of that data, we wanna make those recommendations. So if you have an integrative health provider that’s just throwing pills at you to fix the problem, that’s actually not how we do it.

We do take data, we evaluate the. We are to educate our patients on the data and then, We are there to coach them practically on what they need to do, step by step in order to resolve whatever the issues are. And in turn, we then go back and we hold that patient accountable to getting those things done while also rechecking the labs to hold ourselves accountable.

To ensure that our recommendations are actually working. And so that’s how any scientific experiment is built. We take a lab test, a diagnostic, something outside of me, outside of you to be able to measure the progress. So we have to listen to the patient, then make a determination, a hypothesis of what we think that may be.

The issue underlying issues, there’re more than likely several. And then from there, use an objective analysis, a lab test, et cetera, and then we coach the patient on what to do. We then provide things like supplements and breathing exercises and all different modalities. That are in integrative healthcare that we can use, which are nothing more than tools that we can grab onto.

And then from there we retest and reevaluate to ensure that our treatment plan is actually working. Now, sometimes patients lab work will come back worse, but a lot of times people come in and there’s. So nutrient depleted, they don’t have enough nutrients either from diet or digestive issues, imbalances within the biochemistry that then usually that mid-range lab panel is gonna actually look worse cuz now the body is oh, thank goodness we’ve got enough energy and we’re dumping now.

And so not to be discouraged. I, in my practice, I normally work with patients over a year. It takes that amount of time to help with those behavioral changes. It takes that amount of time to get the mindset, the emotions, and just get somebody clicked into the. Process of getting well. I know that may seem like a long time, especially when a person comes in and they’re super desperate to get well fast.

super desperate

However, there’s whole different shifts of philosophy and understanding that we have an integrative healthcare that’s very different than your traditional allopathic practices. So that integrative health practitioner really has to be. Open to all the different modalities. They have to be open to time, they have to be very patient.

They also have to be able to articulate and educate to their patients exactly what’s going on and really build that confidence. And so if you were looking for an integrative healthcare practice, we treat people all over the world. We absolutely love what we do, and we educate, coach, and hold all of our patients accountable.

So if you would like to see us in our practice, feel free to reach out Dr. Eric Castile, and we are happy to give you more and more information. Just subscribe share our channel out in the world. Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day

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