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how our practice works

This is not your typical medical office. This is a holistic family doctor near me and an alternative doctors office near me. Our practice has a cozy, family vibe that is inviting and personally oriented. We have convenient office hours from 8 am to 2 pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 pm to 8 pm. Every Third Saturday and weekends by appointment only. The appointments with Holistic and Alternative Medicine Doctors near me are available for same-day visits as well detoxification services, mind-body medicine, and metabolic healthcare packages. We do our best to not over-schedule our appointments so that you have a personal experience. The holistic doctors near me are expertly trained in the last healthcare trends in the area of Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Naturopathy, and of course Holistic Medicine. We are an alternative medicine doctor near me that serves the local region of Hampton Roads. Although, we have practice members all over the world that we serve via our telehealth app or over the phone.

Appointment scheduling is easier than ever with multiple options to suit your needs. You can schedule appointments with a holistic family doctor near me via online with our convenient office hours to suit your busy schedule. If you need a same-day sick care appointment, we ask that you reach out to your provider at our office same day or leave a message for our office staff.

For your first visit, we have two options to begin your health journey. You can choose to have a 15 minute Complimentary Wellness Visit or a One-Hour Consultation that includes your review of findings and treatment plan in your second visit. A 15 mins wellness visit is like an introduction to a holistic family doctor near me and includes an introduction to the practice as well as one maybe two questions about your particular case. We offer these to familiarize yourself with alternative medicine doctors near me.

How does your practice work?

We are often asked how our practice differs from a standard medical practice. For one, we are not a traditional healthcare practice. We are a Naturopathic and Holistic Healthcare practice which means we work with you to teach you what you need to do to restore your health. We partner with you as you (or your loved one) takes full responsibility for your health and well being. We evaluate your health concerns, order labs, and develop a customized plan to help you get well. You leverage our education and years of experience to get well quickly. We coach you and hold you accountable to your health goals. We are not a quick fix solution, we are deliberate in our execution and we provide a structured step by step plan to help you get well.

How do I get started?

We have two options to get you started on your holistic lifestyle, a 15 mins wellness visit or a One hour consultation. We strongly recommend if you have a more in depth health concern that you book a one hour consultation so that we may review all of your options with you and have plenty of time to hear your story. A 15 mins wellness visit is a great option for those healthy or those who are curious about natural healthcare who want to learn more about our practice.

15 Minute Wellness Visit

The 15 Minute Wellness Visit is complimentary with a holistic family doctor near me and is an overview of where you are right now with your health in terms of the basics. We typically do not go too deeply into previous medical history, instead we use the opportunity to educate you on how natural health care is able to help you and your families live a more natural life, answer a couple of questions relative to your case, and assess if this would be a good fit for the practice.

One-Hour Consultation

The One-Hour Consultation from a holistic family doctor near me goes more in-depth of your current and previous medical history and how you have arrived at this point. We will go over questions such as what you have tried that has been successful and what has not been successful. This is a thorough account of where your health has been, where you are currently, and where you want to go with your health goals. Education is provided regarding natural health care, our treatment philosophies, and how we can best serve you in your healing journey.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Please bring with you an open mind as this is a new experience with a holistic family doctor near me. We ask that you bring any medical records that you may have as well as blood work that is recent (within the last four months) and anything that you think would be helpful to your case. Also, we ask that you fill out our electronic HIPPA compliant health care forms 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. The alternative medicine doctor near me has an assistant who will call and provide you the link to your portal.

Can I Bring My Children?

Yes! They are absolutely welcome to be themselves in our practice; we have toys and coloring pages for them to enjoy and relax. No need to worry about them making a mess, we are more than willing to clean it up! In fact, we work with teaching children in our practice too; helping them grow-up to be happy, healthy, and strong through natural health care. We like to say that the adults have all the rules in the practice where as the kids have fun.

Is Natural Health Care Safe?

Natural health care, or naturopathy, is one of the oldest and safest forms of health care. We work with people to find root causes of diseases rather than just managing symptoms. We believe that the body can heal itself if given the right environment. We work to create the right environment for healing with your help and through our education. Naturopathy does not interfere with any health care practice that you may be currently undergoing. In fact the holistic family doctor near me is highly trained in other forms of natural healthcare including Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, as well as Naturopathy. We are an adjunct to conventional practice and work wonderfully with allied health services such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, etc. as well. We have a strong network of both allopathic as well as natural healthcare providers that we work with to create a team approach to healthcare.

How Long Will My Journey Take?

That truly depends on your health goals, what you are trying to achieve with your health, where you are currently with your health, and numerous factors. Guests of our practice can choose to come in for a single visit with an alternative medicine doctor near me or to become long-term practice member of a holistic family doctor near me. We educate along the way in terms of what steps you will need to take to get well, including your role, your responsibility in your care. Our role is to teach you how to get well. Your job is to listen, ask questions, and follow directions. One step a time, one moment at a time you will heal. That is what our bodies were made to do is to heal.

Do you accept insurance?

We only accept insurance for lab work. Our practice model does not make sense to bill insurance for our service fees. Our standard office visit is above the allocated time and is 30 mins long. We also limit the amount of guests we see in our practice per day. We encourage all patients to take fully responsibility for their health and well being and therefore do ask that they invest in their health. We have short term as well as long term care options, along with affordable payment plans for long term care. We do accept HSA and FSA for our practice.

Do you treat this condition X?

If you are a human being we work with you. Human beings are unique as they have not only cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems but they also have mental, emotional, psychosocial, and sometimes spiritual concerns that plague them. We work with the human being not the disease. We work to teach you how to optimize your health, and believe the body can heal itself if we provide it the right environment. We teach you how to create an environment that is conducive for healing using nutrition, detoxification, organ support, etc. There are so many modalities used within our practice it is challenging to list them all. We have a giant tool bag to help alleviate any suffering, pain, and dis-ease within the human being. In our practice, we have worked with over 30K people and so there is not much we have not seen from simple prevention to autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, digestive diseases, neurological imbalances, oncology, pediatrics, dermatological challenges and more. We are in general practice.

What is an allopathic provider?

An allopathic provider is a provider trained in western sciences who also prescribe medication as a form of symptom management. Allopaths are what you are most familiar with in healthcare practice. They are trained to diagnose and manage diseases using pharmaceuticals, surgeries, or procedures. We are not allopathic providers, we do not prescribe medications or perform surgery. We are trained in addressing the underlying cause of the issue at hand, rather than managing the symptoms associated.

Do I have to stop my medication?

No, people often assume holistic healthcare means throwing your medications in the trash in exchange for alternatives. That is not the case. We work with your allopathic provider as well as our in office pharmacist to determine your biochemical makeup before addressing or reducing any medications. Please note that we work alongside your prescribing allopathic provider (medical doctor, osteopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant) and recommend that you do not electively remove medication without speaking with your provider. Many medications need to be weaned and can also have impacts if not careful. We can work with you and your allopathic provider if this is a health goal that you may have, between the three of us we can determine the best course of action.

Do you work with other providers?

Yes, we are an integrative healthcare facility that works with all major specialists and primary care’s. We work with general practices, as well as surgeons. There really isn’t any specialization that we do not work with from physical therapy, psychology, chiropractic, acupuncture, just to name a few. We understand that Naturopathy, or Natural Healthcare does not always have all of the answers and we appreciate working as one part of your healthcare team. For many we are a hub for all their healthcare needs and then refer out as necessary for others we are adjunct to their more traditional primary care needs.

Do you work with children?

Yes, we are a family practice and enjoy working with people of all ages. We work with children very differently than adults as we work on developing healthy habits early. We may do color assignments about diet, discuss emotions, relationships, help them understand their health in a whole new way. We encourage children to think for themselves and teach them how to think about their health instead of what to think. We work to help children become more empowered with their health and take ownership over their health so that holistic health becomes their lifestyle for years to come.

Do you work with elderly?

Yes, we work with all life ages and stages. Each age has a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We guide our patients through a process of healing through education as well as empathy and compassion. Some of the things we address is biochemistry and nutrient interactions with medications, mental and emotional health changes of aging, processing through grief associated with aging, geriatric nutrition, activity, and various lifestyle habits to keep both the body as well as the mind strong.