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Speaker 1: First, marijuana will become legal in Virginia, but C B D, which is made from the same plant, is already available, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation surrounding its use here to clear it up and clear up some of the confusion is Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice and Virginia Beach, Dr. Erica, Hey, how you.

Speaker 2: Hey, how are you? Good to see you.

Speaker 1: I’m good. So break it down. There is a difference between C, b, D, and THC, right?

Speaker 2: Yes. There is a distinction. So a lot of times, people lump it all together. But the C, b, D, there’s CB one, CB two receptor sites that it affects, and I won’t get into all that piece of it, but THC is marijuana.

What people think about when they think about getting high and things like that. C B D is more from a different component of the plant that helps with inflammation in the body.

Speaker 1: Okay. And I understand there are a lot of benefits for C, B D, right? Like it helps people sleep and some other.

Speaker 2: Yes, there are really two distinctions for C B D. Number one is it’s an anti-inflammatory, but a lot of times people don’t realize to get the anti-inflammatory component, you have to have higher dosing. So like a 3000-milligram dosing, two milligrams, five milligrams, what you would purchase in a store is not necessarily high enough to be medicinal for anti-inflammatory components.

Speaker 2: Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 1: So how do you choose whether C B D is good for you or t h C would be Okay.

Speaker 2: So it’s interesting, c B D, again, anti-inflammatory, post-traumatic stress, some mood disorders, not depression though, because taking over some time can make the depression worse.


But if you think about it, brain on fire, any kind of inflammatory process with the brain, it’s gonna definitely have an impact. THC has actually been shown scientifically for tumors to assist with tumor growth. So if a person is growing a tumor, let’s say in the instance of cancer, things like that, it has been shown to reduce those tumor growths significantly, but again, it’s not a cure, and I think that’s one of the things, that we really need to consider is that all of these things are not cures.

A lot of times, we’ll use it. Of course, Thc is not specifically in this state, but we’ll see it being used in other states. More for cancer, more for people that, let’s say, need to stimulate their appetite, those kinds of things. Not necessarily mood disorders. Mood disorders. That can actually make it worse. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 1: All right. Good to know. I’ve noticed that you can go online. Like 1000 CBD oil, and then you can go to a pharmacy and get 3000, and it ranges from prices of, maybe $20 to like $150. So should you be leaning towards the more. Expensive because it’s better quality? Or how do you know what you’re getting?

CBD oil

Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s because it’s unregulated, right? Anybody can sell anything for any price. And the price is not always the indicator. But I can tell you that true quality CBD costs more. However, I look for more nutraceutical brands that have GMP certifications, meaning that they’re pharmacy grade, that they’ve been lab tested, they’re certified, et cetera. I stay away from multi-level marketing companies. I know people will probably be what because their model is more profit-centered. It’s not necessarily people-centered. And I’m more of a people-centered person. I’m also not really. Staying on anything for an extended period, like in the case of anti-inflammatory usage, you’ll use it for that short period and then slowly wean off it.

Speaker 2: It’s not really meant to be anything. It’s not meant to stay on for long periods because you have adverse effects.

Speaker 1: Okay. We have the information to get in touch with you, cuz I know that you have a lifestyle course, but we’re out of time, but we put the board up so everybody can get in touch with you. Of course. Dr. Erica Steele.

Speaker 2: Thank you, thank you. Have a great day. You too.

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