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Ask anyone in any sort of organization, from CEOs to Janitors, and they’ll tell you they encounter stress at work and need ways to reduce stress every once in a while.

For entrepreneurs launching startups to first-time executives new to a managerial posts? Pretty solid, they’ll tell you that they’re feeling the heat. From keeping tight deadlines to dealing with unhappy clients, what are some common causes of corporate stress? And what are ways to reduce work stress. 

Bottom line, overworking could precipitate both mental and physical illnesses. Let’s have a look at some solutions as ways to reduce work stress you can employ the next time you find yourself dealing with work-related stress.

Maintain Personal and Work Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one of the ways to reduce work stress outside your personal life and vice-versa. This calls for some degree of self-awareness and discipline as well as fostering a work-life balance. 

Nonetheless, there are some exceptions, of course. Keeping tabs with employees whom you trust could be a great way to open up about your causes of stress. Since you work in the same organization, they would be at the best place to help you find an effective solution.

Address the Issue to the Management

Have an unnecessary feud with a fellow colleague? Are wages too low and the workload too high? Complaining could be a great way to vent out the issue, but the best solution would be using the right channels to air your concerns with the management. Ways to reduce stress include journaling and writing about how you feel instead of venting to other people. 

If they don’t offer help to get to the root of the issues you pointed out, then it could be time to start applying to other organizations. 

Developing Healthy Responses

At times, work related stress could be a good thing. Why? Stressful situations could not just motivate you to work harder and be persevering, but also take up the challenge and come up with effective solutions to your stress. One of the ways to reduce stress is to adapt to stress and find a better way to handle ways to reduce work stress. 

Nonetheless, strive to steer of negative stress responses such as alcohol and substance abuse. Here are some positive responses you could adopt as ways to reduce stress and specifically ways to reduce work stress. 

Relax and Unwind

Working 5-7 for six months straight could easily precipitate burn outs which could lead to chronic stress. To ensure this doesn’t happen, one of ways to reduce work stress is to take your off days and vacations seriously to ensure you are full of energy when you get back to work.

Conversely, if off days and vacations aren’t an option, ensure you don’t take work related issues home. For instance, don’t take phone calls past 10.00 pm or during dinner. One of the ways to reduce stress is to take time out to unwind and relax. Taking this time can allow for your nervous system to reset itself, by allowing yourself to be still and rest. 


In order to be successful in our professional goals, a healthy mind is requisite so one must find ways to reduce work stress as a means of coping. However, relating work-related stress to negativity is also not a smart idea. As a professional, finding ways to reduce stress doesn’t just make us more efficient employees but also better equipped to handle stressful situations when they inevitably crop up in the future. 




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