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Dr. Erica Steele: Vitamin D has a lot of antiviral properties to help naturally stimulate your body’s natural ability to kill off different things that it’s being exposed to. And now, with cough, cold, and flu season upon us, we really wanna make sure that vitamin D is getting. It’s also essential to take a lab vitamin D level just to ensure you’re not over-supplementing Vitamin D.

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You wanna shoot for between about 50 and 70 milligrams for your vitamin D in your lab panel. And so five drops typically is about 5,000 in. And then, if you have an immune system, challenge 10,000 IUs is accepted. And we can find it in sources such as the liquid format. We can see it from the sun, as well as from food sources such as mushrooms.

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Your holistic doctor can take a lab panel for you of your Vitamin D and help advise you if vitamin D three is good for you.

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