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Hypertension BCND

Hypertension affects millions of Americans every year and is considered one of the most commonly diagnosed medical condition. Hypertension or high blood pressure is often diagnosed and medication is provided in order to prevent heart attack or other cardiac events. Out of the many medications prescribed today, hypertensive medication is among one of the top most commonly prescribed medications. Sadly, many people are not taught that by changing your lifestyle and diet it is possible that blood pressures may turn back to normal while reducing the need for medications. That is not to say there is not a place for medications. In fact, I often work integratively with many cardiologists around Virginia beach collaboratively with cases as I look to undercover the causes of the person’s metabolic condition while the cardiologists manage the heart as well as any known disease process. Together we work collaboratively to assist a person in getting well. Not everyone can reduce their need for medication, however, some may reduce and sometimes eliminate their need if they work on repairing their bodies and finding the causes of imbalances in their health.

Common Causes of Hypertension

The number one cause of hypertension is…….dehydration. Many people often consume way too many calories and not enough water. As they deplete themselves of necessary water it thickens the blood causing more pressure on the blood and arterial walls. Other things that can contribute to a rise in blood pressure include toxicities such as heavy metals, specifically, lead and aluminum found in many common products in addition to diets high in refined ingredients and processed sodium laden foods. Chronic stress both internal, as well as perceived external stressors, can also play a role. Stressors such as underlying bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and yeast infections can wreak havoc on the bloodstream creating more pressures as the body attempts to signal that something is wrong. Perceived stressors such as external stress from work, children, spouses, and life can also put more unnecessary stress on the system including stimulating the adrenal glands (stress glands) which then, in turn, eat up necessary electrolytes and minerals in the body throwing off electrolytes that are necessary to the healthy regulation of the heart. Not to mention various nutrient deficiencies within the body from things like Vit D, Vitamin C, Choline, Mag, CoQ10, and more.

Understanding that these may or may not be the finite mechanisms to which pathologists (those who study disease) may agree with, your allopathic doctor may not even agree that these are some of the causes of hypertension. However, I can assure you I have seen it day in and day out, in living proof in front of me and the one thing that is most astonishing is that of all the things that people come to my practice ready to work on Hypertension is the most common AND the easiest to address. With a little direction and a focused strategic plan, we can uncover a healing journey that allows you to see not only the healing power of nature but also the healing power of the body. It truly amazes me every time I witness the body effortlessly heal itself when we provide it the necessary things and eliminate the things that do not serve us.

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A word on genetics. Dr. Bruce Lipton, famed geneticists taught us many years ago, please review The BIology of Belief, that we are not a victim of our genes. He discovered the concept of epigenetics. As a Harvard professor and researcher, he discovered that Genetic Predispositions were present, but the only manifestation if the genes did not like the environment they were in, meaning if the genes have a healthy environment they stay healthy if they have an unhealthy environment they are unhealthy. A person can have a predisposition to something and not manifest the disease process. What happens when people say, well My Mom had it, her Mother had it, and now I have it! I say you don’t have to, because most of the time unhealthy lifestyle patterns and behaviors are passed down from generation to generation. Although, you a shift those unhealthy lifestyle patterns and heal yourself if you so choose. And the choice is now!

Even if you are lots of medication, or perhaps have had surgical cardiac interventions, you still have an opportunity to heal your quality of life. As long as you are upright walking around you stand a chance. I am here to encourage you, motivate you, and fight for your well being every step of the way. Once you are ready, I can assure you that it will be a journey of self-discovery to which you have never imagined. I had a family history of cardiac disease and diabetes and through my passion for health, I discovered that my body is an amazing self-healing organism that can and will heal itself if given the right environment. My job is to simply care to take my environment and help myself live well and stay well.

If you are not ready to feet first into the pool of natural health, I strongly recommend our wellness classes. We have plenty of classes to choose from such as Food as Medicine, Clean Eating Classes, Positive Affirmation Classes, and more. We are committed to making a difference in our community by transforming the lives of families across Hampton Roads. Together we can truly make a long-lasting difference in the health of millions! And also, if you are ready to work directly with a Functional Medicine Practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor feel free to call (757-685-4325) and schedule your first visit, we have a 15 mins wellness consultation as well as a One-hour consultation available for a fee. 

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