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Speaker 1: they say Healthy aging is just a number, but there are some practical tips. That can help you grow old gracefully and stay in the best Healthy Aging possible. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Virginia Practice in family practice in Virginia Beaches here with tips. Thank you so much for coming in.

Speaker 2: Yes, of course.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Okay. So how do we do it gracefully?

Speaker 2: Yes. So I think we take ourselves entirely too seriously. Okay. Honestly. All right. So I think lightening up and sometimes Have you noticed this? People that seem like they’re easily offended, like they’re just waiting to be offended?

Speaker 1: Yeah, I know a few, yeah.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Maybe a couple. And they’re really uptight and really stressed out and everything is a big drama trauma. Those are the people that are aging quickly. Oh, so you gotta reduce stress. Totally. Okay. Exactly. And laugh. Okay. Mostly at yourself. Okay. Okay. Because we’re all human. We all have these human experiences, right? Yes. And just be easy. Learn to really be easy with self because it’s all about mindset. , we’ve talked about this before, previously, about mindset and having positive energy and. Really just being more upbeat. We have two perspectives. We can look at things optimistically, we can look at things pessimistically. , we can look at the world as a dangerous place or we can look at the world as an incredible place filled with opportunity. The choice is up to us. Really.

Speaker 1: Okay. So half empty or half full now. Yeah. I have a question about the stress though, because Okay. I’m laughing at myself. I got that part down, . As you are committed to doing more things and your children and your parents and your jobs, It’s hard not to be stressed out about situations that we can’t control.

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Speaker 2: Do you know why we get stressed out about those things? No, cuz we can’t control them. At least that’s me. Of course. And people love control, and I used to love control. I’m in a support group of letting go of control. Oh, okay. . Because the only thing I’m joking and the only thing to truly. Have control over is really nothing. It’s an illusion. Okay. And so I think that happens when we lose ourselves, we lose how powerful we are. We forget that we are creators and we can just go out and create anything that we want to achieve. Okay. And then with that comes, our codependency and relationships. . So we’re always doing, especially moms.

Especially women. , we’re always doing for everyone else. And it. I’m the last person on the list, but really, we should be the first person on the list. Oh, each and every one of us. . And so what that looks like is taking time for ourselves, drinking water, exercising, relaxing, even if it’s just 5, 10, 15 minutes, when my daughter was little, I, she has no airs to the bathroom door. However, e even then it was like, okay, if I have five minutes to just breathe right. And believe you, me, I put myself through. School. I was a mom. I still am a mom. Naturally. I’ve built practices.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, so I get it like busy. I love busy. But I don’t lose myself in the busy.

Speaker 1: Got it. I get it. Okay. So you also talked about exercise. So if you’re trying to age gracefully, so meaning you haven’t aged yet. Yeah. What are some of the tips to, getting in that exercise and is there a particular type of exercise? Should I be doing the chin things to, so I don’t get that double chin.

Speaker 2: Holding your brother. Yeah. No, it’s really just about movement, right? , and from a habit perspective, it’s more of movement that you enjoy, right? Okay. So if you don’t like spin class, Don’t go and try to pain yourself through spin class.
Good cuz I know I don’t, I love spin class. Do you? I know I have a Peloton. It. Oh my god. I love it. I can’t get, I’m into it. Oh my gosh. But the best exercise

Speaker 1: I love is sleeping. Is that exercise.

women sleep

Speaker 2: You know what? Sleeping actually helps you age gracefully. What? Yes. Okay. So I love that. I can do that. Yeah. Wasn’t it Ariana Huffington Huffing post, she did the big expose about sleeping because the busier you. A lot of times what we trim out is sleep. And honestly, I’m guilty about myself. Okay.

Speaker 1: So do you think that men, women are gonna outlive men because they sleep more?

Speaker 2: I think women are gonna outlive men because we’re more conscious of our Healthy aging. Oh, see, men still have that. We talked about that in men’s Healthy aging. , men still have have that caveman philosophy if it’s. It’s not broken. Don’t fix it. Like my leg is hanging off. Oh gosh, I’m bleeding, but I’m okay. There’s that kind of primitive, primal, I don’t wanna show weakness sort of thing. women were very, were more in tune and I think. The more that we really come into our own as women, we’re gonna recognize that we are very intuitive and we really know what not only we need, but also our families too. Okay.

Speaker 1: So how do people find you, Dr. Steele?

Speaker 2: Yeah our practice is on Laskin Road., holistic family practice va.com. Those are, that’s our website. 757) 685-4325 is our telephone number. They can always come to classes. And we also have two consultation options available.

Speaker 1: And thank you for the free session.

Speaker 2: Of course. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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