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Do you see your black holistic doctor near me for a well-care checkup? You should! Our health and risk factors consistently change over time. Each year our bodies change, and regular checkups can prevent some diseases entirely. If you haven’t established a relationship with a holistic medicine doctor, it is highly recommended to be included in your healthcare team. While urgent care facilities are great for injuries and emergency situations. Having a black holistic doctor near me and building a relationship can be a lifesaving decision.

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Even if you only see your holistic medicine doctor once per year, seeing the same person and establishing a relationship with them and their staff can benefit you in ways you may not have thought of. Here are three reasons you should see a black holistic doctor near me every year:

To gather baseline information- Each year, your body changes. Seeing your holistic medicine doctor each year provides vital information that can be compared over time. Your baseline is how your body presents in its normal and high-functioning state. Each time you come back and have new tests, those results can be compared to prior tests and changes can be identified easier.

Seeing the same black holistic doctor near me over time allows them to have a better perspective when reviewing your annual information and can make a big difference in catching potential problems earlier and provide higher quality care.

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To receive an education- Seeing a holistic medicine doctor at least annually can give you an education on what is important at that moment to maximize your health – from explaining typical concerns for your health and wellbeing to making suggestions for you to change and increase your quality of life or decrease something that may be affecting you negatively. Unlike a primary care doctor, they will advice you on nutrition, mental, emotional, detoxification, and supplementation. Having a black holistic medicine doctor near me also reviews cultural differences and takes into consideration genetics into your health concerns.

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Education is a vital aspect of health care. You can’t change or introduce something into your life if you are unaware that you should. Your holistic medicine doctor is trained to know what to look for and what to do based on the information he gathers from your annual exam or specialty screening.

To learn prevention- Similar to education, prevention is key to avoid future illness and suffering. From preventive tests to actions that stop the advancement of other issues, seeing your black holistic doctor near me at least annually can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding health issues down the line. Oftentimes in the beginning you tend to see a holistic medicine doctor more often than an allopathic medicine provider.

Seeing your healthcare providers regularly can help them know you better which can translate to better care and faster healing if, and when, the times comes that you need care. A holistic medicine doctor offers understanding into your health state while an allopathic doctor advises on your disease state. We serve two distinct purposes in healthcare.

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