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The role of ancestral trauma

It is important to know about the role of ancestral trauma and how to overcome it. Many people experience trauma within the lives. Now more than ever practitioners must learn how to approach those that have experienced trauma. A trauma-informed approach is very near and dear to my heart as this was the type of approach that I needed in my own healing process. Throughout my healing journey, I found many practitioners who were not in tune to those within whom experienced trauma. Often these ill-informed providers would cause more harm than help when working with me. I sought out various training to be able to teach and work with those who have experienced trauma.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma informed care is necessary to be able to help those heal and transform. If a person does not process through their stored trauma both from this life as well as passed down from generations the person can potentially internalize this trauma in their organs. Holding on to trauma both from experienced and perceptions but also through passed down lifestyle and family patterns. Those with whom have backgrounds of African, Jewish, and Native American ancestries experience trans generational trauma that has been recorded in their DNA.

The trauma of slavery, the holocaust, and the genocide of the natives has been recorded in our DNA energetically. Working through the ancestral lines of a persons DNA can help support the bodies ability to heal. Many people walk around unclear of the various behaviors that they have agreed to from their family dynamics. As an example, some people worry as a habit that has been passed down by their mother or father. They have learned this to be a coping mechanism. A person can break the cycle, and no longer carry the behavioral patterns that have been learned from their parents.

The trauma passed down can be deeper as well, attached to unresolved events from our ancestors. As an example, you can take on the responsibility of being over caring, over nourishing to others. This trauma response, can be attached to events that have happened in this life but can also be contributed to the trauma that has been stored in the DNA. As in the case if you were not able to save ancestors from brutal violence or attacks. These subtle ancestral traumas are not often spoken about let alone healed. Various modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy, constellation therapy, and various energetic modalities can help us to process through these unresolved burdens in the DNA. If you need help processing through the role of ancestral trauma, please contact us at Holistic Family Practice today.