Dr. Erica Steele : Discover the power of a holistic weight loss process and how it can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle for your life. My name is Dr. Erica steele. I’m a holistic doctor in family practice. I hold six degrees in my field in the natural health care space and I’ve gone to school. So you don’t have to.

All right, let’s jump into it. So what is a holistic weight loss journey? It’s a safe, natural and effective approach that includes the entire person. So often you’ll go into a doctor and let’s say, you’re going to, for one issue or you’re going for another issue, you have to go to multiple specialists.

Oftentimes for multiple issues regarding the same person. So holistic medicine, we don’t do that. We look at you as a whole person. So that includes looking at your physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, as well as your ancestral components and how that all plays into where you are with your health and where you’re stuck up.

So in this video, we’re going to explore the benefits of choosing a holistic weight loss path and how you can incorporate these principles into your daily life to achieve sustainable results. So the first thing is pretty obvious: improved physical health. So holistic weight loss can help you improve your physical health by promoting healthy weight loss, which helps reduce the risk of so many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes in certain types of cancers.

And also. helps you improve your overall level of fitness. So there’s a lot of physical benefits to it that can really help you to make sure that we keep the doctor away. Obviously not a holistic doctor because we’re there for prevention, but we, if we choose to take our personal responsibility over our physical health, we won’t need to diagnose and manage disease because our bodies maintain well because it’s been made to heal itself.

If given the right environment, it’s our responsibility to create the environment that’s conducive for healing. Second. And better mental health. So a holistic weight loss journey, as well as just the whole lifestyle itself can help improve your mental health because you learn so much about yourself. And as you’re learning about yourself why, you think about what you feel that can help to reduce any stress and anxiety, improve your self esteem and increase your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Most often when people come in, they’re a little checked out mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and I helped to realign them back into themselves and really teach them step by step how to create a holistic lifestyle for themselves, meaning that they are responsible for their mental and emotional state.

And I teach them and coach them around what they can do to create the life of their dreams. Number three increased energy. So by improving physical and mental health, you can definitely increase your energy levels. So you can wake up feeling alive. You can go to sleep just gently, relaxed. You can really help to regulate your energy levels, making it easier to be active and productive throughout the day.

I know I fit in like literally a week in my days. And that’s because I’m able to maintain my energy and keep my circadian rhythm balanced. Number four, speaking of circadian rhythm. Better sleep. So a holistic weight loss journey can help improve your circadian rhythm, which can help your sleep quality as well as your overall mood. If you feel more rested and refreshed each day, you’re going to sleep. You’re sleeping through the night and you’re waking up refreshed. That is going to really help your productivity throughout the day, which is so exciting.

And especially like me, where you have so many demands on you, sleep is absolutely important and critical so that you’re able to think more clearly and feel more balanced throughout the day. Number five improved digestion. So holistic weight loss journey can help improve digestive health by reducing bloating, constipation, or other digestive issues. When you learn how to eat and you learn how to eat based on your macros, and you learn how to digest and assimilate and you clean up organs, like your Mom, your small intestines or your liver, it’s going to help improve your digestion overall.

So you’ll be able to eat food. A lot of times people will come in and they think, oh, I need to do a food reaction testing. Most of the time food reaction testing is wild. Inaccurate the reason being, because of the food, we have a lot of food like substances, especially in America, we have food that’s sprayed with herbicides, pesticides. We have GMOs. So is our body reacting to the food or is it reacting to, let’s say an herbicide or pesticide or the GMOs? We don’t really know, but I’ve learned in my practice that if we improve the digestive process and don’t go chasing after meaning we don’t need, we can save patients thousands of dollars in food allergy testing.

By helping them to learn how to eat, helping them to digest, assimilate. Metabolize what they’re actually eating and eliminate the body that will do the work for it. The body will heal itself and we can reduce any costly lab testing. And also we can keep that supplement count low, which is really important.

Number six is in a better mood. So we touched on this earlier. Allistic weight loss plan can really help to improve your overall mood and wellbeing because you’re starting to honor yourself, validate yourself, connect with yourself and how you feel. Again. So many people, they disassociate to survive. So they power through. They go, you know what I feel?

And I feel big and I don’t know what to do with these things. And they’re a liability. I can’t feel it. So I’m going to shut it down. I’m going to check out and I’m going to power through physically and I’m always. He’s an action. Early on in my career is so funny. Seeing people, you could literally see people coming in and they were just so anxious and they were like, gotta go, gotta do this, gotta do this, gotta do that. And they were so disconnected and afraid to feel because when you slow down, you actually have to start feeling your emotions and feeling emotions that you either don’t know what to do about, or that you have compartmentalized for years and years.

So we’re just in the consciousness of awakening of understanding the role of our emotions and how it can play into our overall. Overall health wellbeing, number seven, better skin. So inside out. So the skin is an external secondary drainage pathway. So our skin is inflamed or breaking out or all kinds of things. It’s really an internal issue. So as you’re working through a holistic weight loss process, you’re learning how to eat.

You’re learning how to eliminate better, your detox in your organs naturally. And so what happens is your body doesn’t have to shoot it out through the skin as much. You’re reducing your inflammation. And your body starts to return to homeostasis and you begin to see that healthy glow that you’ve missed. Plus when you’re drinking enough water, your skin looks hydrated.
Number eight, your confidence by improving your physical appearance. Of course. I’m all about vanity. Don’t get me wrong. Even though I’m Melissa’s doctor. I love vanity. I love looking good and feeling good. And so when you feel good inside and out and your insights match your outsides when you feel content with who you are inside mentally and emotionally, spiritually, and externally, that is matches and mirrors.

How you feel about yourself, man, that improves your confidence. Abound. So doing this process can really help to increase your self confidence as well as your self esteem. With that being said, Another happy side effect of this process is better relationships. When you start to look at the role that your relationships play on your mental, as well as emotional health, you start to clean house. You start to go, okay, is this relationship working for me? Is this not a relationship working for me?

How can I reduce stress and improve my overall wellbeing and make it easier to connect with others? You start to learn how to put the guards down. Feel safe, be vulnerable. You start to share and build relationships. That lasts for years and years. I think one of the things that I have just been so grateful for is based off of all of the personal growth work that I’ve done on myself. I have cultivated long lasting relationships that I’ve been in my life forever, and that feels so good. And so supportive.

Lastly, long-term results. So unlike when you’re doing a fat diet or a quick fix, when you practice a holistic weight loss process or a journey, it really focuses on getting fat. To the why and getting to the root causes. So you’re able to make these longterm long lasting changes to your lifestyle that can lead to long term results. Like I don’t have to track my food anymore because I know.

Consciously what I need to eat and how I need to put it in there. And I can feel that within my body, but in the beginning, I needed to track my food to help build awareness and understanding of what I was doing. Because if I didn’t have the data, I might, I could just check out and assume I was doing great, but I wasn’t.

And so I kept stalling and stopping, installing, and stopping. So one of the great happy side effects is when you take a lifestyle like this, you’re going to achieve those long-term results. And throughout all areas of your life. All right. So we’ve talked about all the wide range of benefits, but physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, that can help you to improve your overall health and wellbeing. And by incorporating these into your weight loss journey, you can only achieve sustainable results, but also it can positively impact every aspect of your life.

If you are looking for support in that, if you want encouragement, if you want a structure, if you want a plan that is geared towards you and nobody else, we do take consultation. And when I do take consults, I take lots of data on my patients. Patients. I listened to them. I hear what their pain points are. I hear how I can help them. I look at all of the external data that we take. We take all this data on you because we want to create an individualized program.

There are people, even exact twins, that come into my practice that have totally different care plans. People with the same diagnosis, people with the same struggles, everybody is unique as an individual. And that’s why I love holistic medicine so much because it helps to take you as an individual and really looks at everything. And then we prioritize. Step-by-step what you need to achieve, the results that you’re looking for. If you’re interested, please, like share, subscribe and I check out our link below.

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