Talking with a holistic doctor about genetics and health on Coast Live


Genetics and health

Genetics plays a role in the health of a person but it is not the defining factor of ones health. We have learned that genetics does not define our health as it only accounts for 30% of the health of the person. That means that you are no longer defined by your genes. Genetics is often blamed for lifestyle habits that are passed down for generations. Many people seek genetic testing such as an mthfr test. MTHFR was the first gene mutation discovered in the genome project. The genome project was an extensive gene research project to uncover and name various genes within the body.

The MTHFR mutation test is often done in saliva, and relates to B12 and folate methylation pathways. MTHFR genetic variants can lead to other challenges such as homocysteine issues, SAMe issues, etc. This is just one genetic variant, since then they have found thousands of genetic variants. These genetic variants have impact on the system but only if the genes are placed in a unhealthy environment.

genetics and health

We have learned we are not a victim to our genes, and we are 100% responsible for our own health. An mthfr mutation test can determine if you have these variants and then create a treatment strategy around them. We often run and evaluate raw genetic data as. a baseline for health. Even though we cannot change our genes we can build a nutritional foundation around the genes to support them.

Educating about critical lifestyle habits is also necessary so that we are able to shift and heal. We are more powerful than what we may think, even over our genes. Just because certain diseases have been passed down from generations it does not mean that you have to manifest the disease. Heart disease, diabetes, etc are all a combination of genetic and lifestyle habits. We cannot control our genes but we can control the environment to which our genes are sitting inside of- a healthy or unhealthy environment.