Talking body detox on Coast Live

A body detox is key to good health

A full body detox involves detoxification of your primary drainage pathways. These are the liver, the kidneys and the blood/lymph as an example. These primary drainage pathways become inhibited because of heavy metal and chemical toxicity from our environment.

The body often becomes clogged with the toxic garbage accumulated from the environment. As the organs become clogged, the function of that organ is inhibited. This is especially true for the liver which has a big job for the body.

The role of the liver is to detoxify as well as metabolism nutrients. If the liver is taking in toxic food, or unhealthy food it slows the livers natural function. The liver has difficulty clearing the toxins that it is exposed to in the environment.

talking body detox

The environment contains toxic substances from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, building materials, etc. There are so many toxins within out environment, some not even founded or categorized. The level of toxicity continues to grow year after year as standards become more and more laxed.

It is recommended to routinely detoxify the organs in the body. It is healthier to do one organ at a time and take time to rest in between. Those that detox without break, again and again can make themselves sick and put themselves at greater risk.

Our practice offers several types of body detox services, basic, advanced, and expert. The basic body detox service use the bodies ability to detoxify. The advance detox services use natural substances to support the bodies ability to detoxify. The expert detox appointments are more advanced medically guided detox. These involve reviewing lab work and making recommendations based on the findings. We recommend to start slow and work your way through the process of detoxification. Here at Holistic Family Practice, we guide you every step of the way.