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Dr. Erica Steele – Are you ready to take control of your weight and your life once and for all? Then I’ll be able to help you. My name is Dr. Erica Steele. I’m a holistic doctor in family practice. I hold six degrees in my field, all in natural healthcare. I chose to be a drugless doctor, and I went to school. So you don’t have to.

All right. So let’s talk about what it means to take control. So when we have fear, right? Fear of not being good enough, not being loved, being abandoned, not supported, whatever we’re going to go, reach for control because that helps us feel a little bit of power when we’re feeling powerless.

So a trick. The question, whatever. Clickbait, as they call it. We’re going to let go of control. The only way to truly let go of control is to surrender. And so we’re going to let it go. And then, when we let that fear go, we’re able to emerge victorious. We’re able to assess ourselves and observe ourselves objectively. We’re allowed to allow ourselves to move from that victim consciousness to that observer consciousness. And we become the observer of what we are doing currently and really being lovingly and forgivingly honest with ourselves about what we’re doing. In that case, we’ll begin to understand what.

Exactly is driving the bus regarding our health, especially our weight loss. So if you’re not eating or you’re not eating well, or you keep going ordering out to Uber eats and all that stuff and not drinking enough water and stressing a lot and having toxic relationships in your environment and not moving your body and being sedentary and depressed and drinking too much.

And all of those things are going to lead to the result that you’re gaining. So if. You’re in that position right now. It’s not about judging yourself. It’s really about honoring yourself, being objective, and saying, ” Okay, this is where I am currently. And then where do I want to go? Our group coaching program is coming up, our holistic weight loss program. It is designed to teach you a structure to help with group support and encouragement and help you get back to the basics.

So you can do it step by step. And this is something that’s going to create a lifestyle for you. It’s one of our transformations Of Course it’s a six-month program. And so it’s not a quick, fast get rich quick scheme. It’s really about you repeatedly taking a very introspective, loving look at yourself, daily and monthly, with our group coaching calls. So if that interests you, please Like, share, subscribe, and comment below, plus click the link and join. We would be really honored to have you. And I am so elated to be able to teach you more about what I’ve learned about losing weight holistically.

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