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How to Feel Younger and Vital Again as a Man

11. How to feel young

Some men as they age do not feel as vital, youthful, and often feel sluggish with limited energy to go to the gym, if any. The effects of job obligations wear them down with work and life demands. Many people are moving to a more complementary and integrative approach to their healthcare adopting a more self-empowered approach to their health and well being. A man’s tendency is to seek healthcare in the event of a crisis situation with a view they are strong and healthy enough to skip their check-ups and neglect recommended screenings. According to the research, many men are less likely than women to seek help for healthcare related challenges, both on a physical as well as emotional level. Many men are raised with the idea they must be tough and independent by staying in control of themselves while hiding vulnerability. Therefore, they view themselves as invisible and almost protected from developing a disease process even if they are neglecting their health. Many men fear that friends and family will interpret their visit to the non-emergency healthcare provider as a sign of them being weak or unmanly. This is fueled from primitive times where any sign of weakness conveyed to a neighboring tribe could be a safety risk especially if the man is a primary protector of the clan or community. Even still, men often avoid healthcare if the men around them are also not participating.

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If the man in your life is avoiding health care perhaps a holistic approach is the answer. We have a non-threatening and family environment where we listen to our practice members and guests. It is less intimidating with a softer more feminine approach. We appreciate the men in your life and are willing to educate, motivate, and empower them to live a healthy life. One of the things that we do not do is shame them for their life habits, and choices. Many men feel shamed for their lifestyle habits as well as their emotions, as a result, they tend to close off from their loved ones and do not communicate their health needs. We remove that barrier while encouraging them through simple, palatable, small steps. General preventative health screenings that are important for men to complete are the following: BMI – height, weight, and body mass index, blood pressure, prostate health, and colon screening. Evaluating healthy lifestyle issues such as smoking, drinking, nutrition, diet, exercise, and stress reduction are key to overall health. We encourage a visit to the practice as a guest, either for a class or a class to get a feel for the practice to see if it is a right fit for the men in your life, young or old.

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Vitality at Any Age: Aging Man’s Guide to Prostate Health Tips

10.0 Vitality at any age

As men age, they can begin to feel not as strong, youthful, and sometimes feel less of a man as their vitality begins to wane. Without consistent effort, and transformational health can deteriorate leaving a person feeling less optimal. It is important for men to maintain a healthy weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar level while monitoring and eliminating any abdominal obesity from excess calories. Refined foods, such as flour and sugar products in combination with excesses of alcohol can cause a higher risk for disease processes. Health and longevity can be protected if we maintain exercise and fitness. Sedentary lifestyles coupled with overeating can create higher risks of disease with a shorter lifespan in general. As a man, many men want to feel strong and viral just as in their youth. Without effort, health can deteriorate and avoidance is not the answer. Sometimes men avoid their health out of shame, coupled with unrealistic expectations of themselves and how they “should” be with their health.

As we age many things change, including hormonal levels as well as lower functions. Hormones begin to lower over time especially as it relates to testerone, but also thyroid and adrenal hormones, yet less of estrogen and progesterone levels. In our office, we measure salivary hormone levels when assessing male practice members especially when they over 40 years old. Testosterone levels, estradiol. DHEA, whole blood thyroid levels as well as salivary 4 point cortisol levels are useful if the person is fatigued. Topical hormone creams can be provided as an easy solution to improve hormone levels that can affect energy, mood, strength, and sexual function. There is much controversial information regarding the use of synthetic hormone supports to improve stamina and vitality however recent reports suggest that testosterone may adversely affect the cardiovascular system. There is still much conflicting information circulating so it is imperative that you speak with your doctor in regards to this treatment if it is in your best interest.

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A common disease process that affects men over 50 years old involves the prostate sex organ along with the colon. The western lifestyle consumed with stress and sitting, using food to cater to emotions, eating high amounts of animal products, consuming sugar and refined foods, as well as excess alcohol sets the stage for many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, cancer, arthritis, as well as enlarged prostates, and prostate cancer. A simple blood test can measure an antigen that is created by prostate cancer cells, called PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen and if elevated prostate cancer may be present. Having a digital exam from your primary care to assess prostate enlargement as well as running your PSA number to assess inflammation or infection is an important aspect of prevention. PSA numbers elevate as a response to infection and inflammatory process. Looking deeper with a comprehensive stool panel, as well as an organic acids profile is key to determining the overall health of the body and determining where the infections may be present in the body.

The best overall plan is to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips in order to maintain health. Avoiding overeating of processed and refined foods Maintaining a healthy weight Eating fresh veggies, fruits with quality lean proteins Regular movement and exercise Stretching the body Meditation and Yoga practice Listening to your body to address underlying imbalances Annual physical checkup A practice of forgiveness, finding a balance between work and relaxation, gratitude, and joy every day, nurturing creativity while staying connected to friends and family.

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Metabolic Health for Men & How it Relates to Metabolism

9.0 Metabolic Health for Men

Metabolic health relates to your metabolism and how you break down, process, and assimilate nutrients for energy production. As we age, our vigor fades from the impact of failures, emotional stresses, children, marriages, career, and life. If your waist has begun to extend past your belt line you can clearly determine that your metabolic health is being affected. It begins with the food that you eat and the inactivity that is lacking to burn off the food. Over time the blood sugar rises, which can then lead to clogged arteries which can block blood flow. As the blood sugar levels continue to build belly fat, regardless of the activity levels of the person. The visceral fat begins to collect around the internal organs acting like a giant gland pushing chemicals around the midsection creating an ever rounder, softer, and a more feminized appearance. The chemicals of aromatase convert testosterone to estrogen, creating man boobs. Hormones called adipokines promote insulin resistance, which causes you to gain even more weight. As fat begins to build the body becomes more inflamed. High levels of inflammation double the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. These inflammatory diseases deteriorate as you become older, possibly creating a burdened relationship with health.

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Shifting unhealthy lifestyle habits is the key to maintaining a quality of life. By creating an accountable strategy for one’s health with structure and discipline health can be achieved effortlessly with consistent attention and focus. Scheduling an annual check-up that includes evaluation of lifestyle risk factors is helpful when determining how to create a healthy long lasting life. In addition, paying attention to key metabolic health markers can create a healthier metabolism. This month our promotion for men’s health month is a $50 Men’s Health Physical that includes a comprehensive physical, symptom assessment, and muscle testing to understanding current bioenergetic risk factors. If you would like to take it a step further and review a more comprehensive lab review, our CLIA certified lab is capable of running many non-waived lab tests including HS-CRP, an inflammatory marker, HGA1C, a blood sugar marker, and many other lab tests to look at kidney liver function, and immune system function. We also work integratively with your allopathic providers including primary care physicians as well s specialists to help support you and your health.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

Male Hormones | How to Keep Balance & Healthy Hormonal Health

8.0 Mens Hormones

Many Men are unaware of the importance of maintaining a healthy hormonal system. Much emphasis is placed on female hormones, however, men and women both can have hormonal imbalances. Gaining a clear understanding of hormonal health is key to maintaining health as well as longevity for many years to come. Throughout a man’s life testosterone, a male hormone helps to maintain muscle as well as bone mass, sperm production, as well as sex drive. Many men quietly suffer from this hormone imbalances and do not seek help due to fear or shame of being judged or the idea they are less of a man as a result of the imbalances shown.These imbalances in health can negatively impact the quality of life, including marriages, energy levels as well as work production.

Getting present with your current hormonal status is helpful in determining how your body feels, how it functioning, in an effort to begin to nourish your body with quality nutrition. Important hormone health concerns for men include; Prostate concerns including enlarged prostate and prostate cancers. Male hypogonadism or effects of low testosterone and consistently lower blood levels of testosterone levels. Male infertility or the inability to produce sperm adequate for reproduction Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction and decreased libido

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The first step in working towards healthy male hormones is discovering where your hormone levels are currently. Salivary hormone testing is the most accurate and is the gold standard for Functional Medicine practices. Our CLIA certified lab offers a myriad of state of the art male hormone laboratory testing in order to determine the underlying causes of imbalances with one’s health as well as to create a comprehensive plan to help a man recover his health. Our office hours are Monday through Friday with convenient Morning, Afternoon, Or Evening Hours to meet everyone’s needs. We even offer one Saturday per month. Our initial consultation options include a complimentary 15 mins consultation or a one-hour consultation that includes your bloodwork review and treatment plan for a fee. Please visit our consultation and booking page here to learn more about how we can help you and your family live naturally.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.