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Kundalini Meditation to start the day fresh

Kundalini Meditation Practice
Meditation Practice

Let’s face it. We all live super busy and hectic lives. We are going here there and everywhere. Many of us juggle work, home, children, partners, finances, and everything else in between. How do we all get everything done AND keep our sanity? Simple, Kundalini Meditation, we start the day balanced, focused, and energized. Consider that how we start the day is how the day goes. Simply put, if you start the day stressed, disorganized, and short of breath, consider that is how the day will go. Alternately, if we start the day balanced, relaxed, and focused, we can handle anything that life is throwing at us.

Kundalini Meditation is a tool to help us set the tone for the day. It can help you find yourself and connect with the creator before we launch into a day of business. Even if you have 5 mins a day or have to sneak into the bathroom away from kids, you can create a space of meditation.

Also, recognize there is no perfect kundalini meditation practice. Some days, I feel like I am levitating from my spiritual progress, while other days, I feel like I am just getting by. Some days, my mind is always reminding me of my grocery list while other days, I feel as though I leave my body entirely. The point is that meditation is messy. It is not easy, not clean, and it is going to be a struggle, so expect it. There will be a lot of resistance that the ego presents to throw you off track, your tired, you don’t have time, etc. The ego wants to hold on to the old and the known. Meditation clears out the subconscious mind and clears out the aura of any junk collected in it. It also settles the mind and helps you to become more of an observer of your life instead of a reactor, but it takes consistent practice.

Meditation Outdoors
Portrait of calm woman sitting in pose of lotus in natural environment

Yogi Bhajan, the Founder of American Kundalini Meditation and yoga practice, said that “the greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come.” Yogic science states that there are specific times for certain desired effects in meditation.

  • 3 minutes affects the blood and electromagnetic field
  • 11 minutes changes the glandular system and the nerves
  • 22 minutes balances and coordinates the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral)
  • 31 minutes affects all the cells and rhythms of the body and all layers of the mind’s projection
  • 62 minutes changes the gray matter of the brain, integrating the subconscious into the outer projection.
  • 2.5 hours holds a new pattern int he subconscious mind by surrounding the universal mind

Committing to a personal practice of kundalini meditation is a process of transformation, especially when practiced as a daily discipline.

  • 40 days change a habit
  • 90 days confirms the habit
  • 120 days creates YOU as a new habit
  • 1,000 days Masters a new habit
Kundalini Meditations to start the day

I find beginning low and slow until you gain a taste for it is essential. After a while, you will rave the meditation process, but in the beginning, it can be arduous and difficult, especially when you are retraining your mind. I often enjoy Kundalini meditations, partly because I am a Kundalini teacher, but partly because I enjoy adding purpose to my meditations rather than just sitting quietly. I have done meditations on reactivity, anger, vision, prosperity, and more. To find some jet-powered mediation, please review the library of teachings or come check out my monthly kundalini or meditation classes. Here are my kundalini yoga class schedule: http://holisticfamilypractice.eventbrite.com

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Virginia Beach Oceanfront August Class Series

Our upcoming Kundalini Yoga Class Series is on releasing childhood trauma and finding a playful heart. During the first 8 years of life the subconscious mind is developed. During this time experiences, perceptions of these experiences through our filters to delete, distort, generalize, etc to create stories in our mind. We hold on to these stories and then live experiences from in our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind then creates beliefs, and core beliefs that we believe are true. This then shapes our experiences in the present, our decision making, our relationship choices, etc. Clearing our subconscious mind of things that do not serve us allows us to transform our life to one of freedom, joy, and happiness.

This Kundalini Class Series is about clearing out the subconscious garbage and clearing our conscious mind to be able to live the life we love. If you have previously experienced trauma, have unresolved emotions, and or self limiting beliefs (who doesn’t!) then this class series is for you. All of our classes are held at the Reiki Wellness and Meditation Center which is 5 mins from our practice at 3104 Arctic Avenue Virginia Beach Va 23451.

Every month, we have a different class series to help human beings through what they are dealing with on a daily basis. Kundalini yoga is an excellent tool to be able to restore power within ourselves. These hidden things in our subconscious mind hold us back rom reaching our true potential. Our eventbrite link to register for the upcoming classes is http://holisticfamilypractice.eventbrite.com . This month we explore various aspects of healing our inner child and finding our child like self. For more information on this topic, please explore http://www.staging6.staging6.holisticfamilypracticeva.com/blog/parenting-the-highly-sensitive-child/. As a sensitive human myself, I have discovered profound benefits from my Kundalini yoga practice. This Kundalini Yoga Class Series helps to restore us to wholeness.