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Difference between naturopath and homeopath – Homeoprophylaxis

Over the years, aspects of public health measures have been used in the reduction of preventable conditions such as hygiene, antibiotics (natural or otherwise), and arguably vaccines. There has been a difference between naturopath and homeopath philosophies when it comes to vaccines. Traditional vaccines are a form of artificial immunity where the body comes in contact with a live virus, and the body produces antibodies within the system, so if it comes in contact with that disease, it already has the memory to fight it. Vaccines have been touted to have ended the fight against many diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc. However, over the years, the number of vaccines has increased, and the body’s reaction to many additives within vaccines has also come under question. Although there has not been any definitive proof that has withstood public scrutiny, it is hard to ignore many mothers’ concerns over developmental delays after the use of vaccines. I think the greatest difference between naturopath and homeopath is the observation of the subtle actions form the patient. Homeopaths are often more in tune with the subtle changes in their patients whereas naturopath are trying more in the hard sciences. As both a homeopathic doctor as well as a naturopathic doctor I do not view it as homeopathic vs naturopathic but rather a blend of the two worlds, hard science with subtle energetic medicine.


Reviewing genetic data, we are beginning to have a greater understanding as to why some have a reaction while others do not. Genetic variants such as SOD, DHFR, and even MTHFR may provide us some clues as to why the body may not be capable of handling many of the additives found in vaccines. Mothers are experiencing even more complications within pregnancy as well as birth as a result of the ever-growing environmental toxins. In a landmark study performed by EWG, the umbilical cord of unborn babies was tested in 10 Americans and proved to have over 400 plus toxic agents supplying blood to not only the babies’ fetal tissue but also crossing the unprotected blood-brain barrier. Although this is speculative, it may be interesting to note why so many neurohormonal conditions such as autism, OCD, anxiety, etc. are popping up as a response to many of these toxic agents found within our systems. 

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a homeopath back in the 1800s who developed the concept of homeopathic nosodes. Nosodes are biological preparations used by homeopaths in the practice of disease prevention. Nosodes are derived from diseased tissues, and through a process of succession, serial dilutions no longer contain the original substance but the bioenergetic frequency behind that substance, whether it be a virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. Naturopaths may or may not use or believe in the principles of homeopathic treatments as they cannot be proven through traditional western medical means. This is another difference between naturopath and homeopath. Homeopaths deal in energetic frequencies and subtle energies. In the debate of homeopathic vs naturopathic there is now some convergence as energetic medicine is becoming more able to test and observe. Within the past few years, we have finally been able to view and see the bodies electromagnetic frequencies and quantum fields to understand their existence. This is still a relatively unexplored area of healthcare and has often been dismissed as quackery and disregarding in the medical community even as homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic doctor may or may not agree with many benefits of subtle energies.

Asian baby boy takes medicine syrup from a spoon. Sick child.

However, we know that everything in life generates a unique pattern and a unique frequency. Every organ, gland, meridian, emotion, and in this case, a pathogen has its own unique frequency. As Albert Einstein once said, everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Bioenergetic screening tools such as Zyto and other quantum psychics devices are available to be able to read the bioenergetic frequencies of a human being with their subsequent imbalances. These imbalances often come before it even shows itself in the lab work or biochemistry of the individual. Homeopathic vs naturopathic can come together linking the bioenergetic form of healthcare with the scientific evidence based healthcare of naturopathic medicine. Much validity and ground have been gained in understanding bioenergetic healthcare, and as time goes on, new frontiers will be emerging in the understanding of these aspects of life. 

As of yet, homeopathic nosodes have not been traditionally studied within our standard western medical model of cohort studies; however, the effectiveness is beginning to gain ground which blends the difference between naturopath and homeopath. Organizations such as freeandhealthychildren.org lead by homeopath Kate Birch have developed more of an organized structure of researchers as well as homeopaths, such as myself, who are certified and trained in the use of homeopathic nosodes to educate the immune system. I am fascinated by this because I can see clearly the difference between naturopath and homeopath as I am both, which allows me to combine the tow worlds for the patients care. HP has been used on millions of people worldwide, especially those whose traditional vaccinations may not be indicated. Neurodevelopmental challenges, neurotransmitter imbalances, etc. may be the most vulnerable to the traditional vaccinations. Only organic acid testing, as well as full genetic testing, can determine the risk factors for sure. HP has been proven to be 96% effective based on many clinical studies, as shown here: https://www.homeopathycenter.org/news/homeoprophylaxis-human-records-studies-and-trials. Although, many critics of the more natural and holistic practice often attack and discredit many plausible studies citing that they are not strong enough to conclude findings. 

Even still, there is a growing political as well as public health concern about the safety of vaccines as well as the effectiveness of many natural immune system practices. Homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic may or may not have a definitive consensus accepting HP as of right now, however from personal experience I can say, my daughter, who is 15, is unvaccinated. She has never been on antibiotics and solely has been given homeopathy as a child. Even though she was born from C-Section, her immune system has been strong and resilient through her youth. She has never suffered from ear infections, colic, or skin conditions, etc. She is a healthy and vibrant young girl. I remember in undergraduate writing papers and one in particular on this topic I found interesting from my research. I found that 100% of vaccinated societies still suffered from outbreaks of measles, mumps, and rubella. In fact, the World Health Organization reports and agrees that the majority of people who get the disease have been vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% effective; most routine childhood vaccines are 85% – 95% effective, however, because every person is bio energetically, biochemically, and genetically individually, it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of each particular vaccine over another. 

Parents looking to offer their children away to educate their immune system without the use of vaccines do have the option of homeoprophylaxis, through the use of homeopathic nosodes. And can seek a provider such as myself who does not separate out homeopathic vs naturopathic but uses both of the beauties of the practice together. There is a distinct difference between naturopath and homeopath but when combined together makes for a comprehensive healthcare approach in holistic practice. Parents can not only educate their children’s immune systems naturally but can also work on supporting their immune system naturally through the use of diet, supplementation, and stress relief strategies. Even writing this, I know the emotional reaction, politically controversy, and the implications of these statements; however, I stand by my commitment to be objective. I have families that choose to vaccinate, and I have families that don’t. I have families that choose to use homeoprophylaxis, and I have families that don’t. I am neutral and objective and can only go off of data, facts, and conscious. If I am not 100% clear medically, scientifically, definitively through objective third party laboratory data assessing the individual seeking treatment, I am unable to provide a healthcare opinion. Statistically, data does not have much bearing on individual cases. Meaning because 100 people before the last person I saw did fine; that does not mean the 101 cases will do fine. I think that any healthcare decision is a deeply personal one and one that should be left up to the parent and their trusted healthcare provider. If we simply spent more time learning how the immune system worked and working to heal and support our immune systems, the incidence of fear from the various outside intruders would fade. My job as a healthcare provider is not to push an agenda but rather interpret the data as I see that pertains to the family and their unique bioenergetic, biochemical, and genetic findings. I like to think that I have found a balance between being homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic blending the two philosophies, ideas, and worlds as they fit so nicely together. They both fundamentally believe the body can heal itself and understand that there is a need for verifiable scientific data to provide or disprove results. I am neutral on the vaccine debate issue and see it from both perspectives. My family history had lots of neurological imbalances, and mental health challenges within it, and I wanted to raise my daughter as holistic as possible, which is why I chose what I chose for her, yet every family and every child is different. I think it is healthy to weigh out all of the options and make a smart, informed decision that meets your needs. 

Building Gut Health in Children

Children must be educated to have a healthy microbiome
Brother and sister pillow fighting in living room

The Gut Microbiome is the key to healthy digestion which is a key to the health of our immune system, hormonal system, and the neurological system and in children, it is even more vital that they maintain a healthy digestive tract as how their digestive tract is developed now can creating long-lasting effects on their overall health. These days diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD, and Autism and being thrown around like casual conversation with very little attention to the relationship the digestive tract has to behavior. The digestive tract, and gut microbiome, is known as the second brain and therefore needs to be the first place explored when a child is exhibiting any behavioral problem including impulsivity, defiance, focus, concentration issues, aggression, etc. If a child is not moving their bowels regularly, then the tendency is to have moodiness and struggle with other symptoms such as sleepiness, bloating, or lethargy.

Therefore, we want to provide simple ways to give the child’s digestive system a health boost.

Processed foods – Try to minimize these as much as possible. Even healthy snacks that read gluten-free, organic, etc. can often have processed in them as they must stay shelf stable for a certain period of time. It is tempting because these are quick and easy solutions; however, these can easily lack fiber and back a child’s bowel movements up which can damage the gut microbiome. Adding healthy snacks such as pears, apples, hummus, berries have healthy fiber to be able to allow for the bowels to move easily and effortlessly.

Bowel conversations – Speak with your children about bowel movements and the importance of having a healthy gut microbiome. Discuss what is considered healthy and inquire if they are going daily. Some children become embarrassed by these conversations and do not want to discuss their bowel, but to get to the bottom of healthy bowels, we must have an open dialogue. Discuss your bowels and the timing, consistency, and how it feels, so they understand what is considered normal. Which begs the question, when was the last time your bowels were normal? Just in case you are confused 2-3 times per day well formed, brown color is considered healthy anything less than that may need some healthy adjustments.

Playing int he dirt can help build the gut microbiome

Play in the dirt – In our industrialized age, we forwent the dirt and started bleaching, sanitizing, and stripping all of the healthy bacteria out of everything. The body needs exposure to various types of bacteria, specifically from dirt, etc. Of course, developing health hand washing techniques are important, and educating your child on when, where, and how to do so is important, just not being excessive about cleanliness is key.

Be mindful of antibiotics – It is easy to panic when your little ones are not feeling well to want them to feel better asap. However, making fearful moves could be damaging to their gut microbiome and their health long term, especially if they are repetitive antibiotic usage. Overuse of antibiotics can kill your child’s healthy flora and leave their immune system more susceptible later on to autoimmune diseases.

Adding digestive bitters – We have long since taken out a lot of the digestive bitters out of the diet. Thinks like slippery elm, dandelion, burdock, bitter orange, etc. have been removed traditionally from the diet but can now be added back in as spice in healing digestive soups, dips, etc. to help heal the gut microbiome. Now, this may be tricky to convince a child about the benefits. Nonetheless, urban moonshine and organic herbal apothecary online and in some retailers have an excellent line of digestive bitters that may help add these back into the diet.

Dr Steele discusses building the gut microbiome in children. She provides tips to do so.

These are not an exhaustive list to help build your child’s gut microbiome, but is a good start in progress. Here is some more information regarding gut health: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325293.php. I have learned from treating the digestive system that jumping to the end of the line is not always as effective as following a process. This can sometimes be frustrating in our culture of quick-fix solutions. Often it is an accumulation of things that either build into health or builds into a disease. It is not necessarily a sudden thing that happens overnight that does it, so care, and attention must be taken through the process of developing a healthy digestive tract. For more information regarding raising your children holistically check out some of my other blog articles: http://www.staging6.staging6.holisticfamilypracticeva.com/blog/

Diabetes Management | Diabetes Does Not Have to be Your Future

Diabetes BCND

Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes and also has been associated with the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Insulin resistance may be genetic however is largely contributed to lifestyle factors. Eating a diet high in refined sugars, processed foods, etc all contribute to the bodies development of insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas. These cells scatter around the pancreas in small groupings known as islets of Langerhans. Insulin is then produced and released into the bloodstream, throughout the body. The insulin is then used to metabolize carbohydrates within the body, lipids, and proteins. Insulin also can play a role in the bodies production of energy as well as growth and repair within the body.

Once the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin, high levels are needed in order to create the same action within the body causing the pancreas to overcompensate by generating more insulin. Eventually, the pancreas can no longer produce sufficient amounts of insulin and then the blood sugar rises creating risk factors for the body to develop diabetes as well as heart disease. Insulin resistance is considered a metabolic disorder because it affects the way the body metabolizes nutrients within the body, thus affecting the body’s overall ability to produce energy, detox, etc.


Excess weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and triglycerides are often symptoms seen along with insulin resistance, known as metabolic syndrome.

As a holistic doctor in family practice, we do not focus on the symptoms, but rather work with the individual step by step to restore the bodies ability to heal itself through creating lifestyle choices and behaviors to allow the body to heal itself. Working with someone on their diet, and the food to which they are eating is critical and the baseline to any health and wellness plan. Just working with someone on their food can easily bring up many suppressed, stored, avoided, and unhealthy relationships associated with foods and eating. Healing is more than just a physical job and someone looking to truly heal must be willing to address all aspects of their health for long lasting benefit and change. After uncovering those aspects, and exploring the hidden behaviors that are preventing healthy eating we then can look at what nutrients are lacking and needing support in order to support metabolic processes. B complexes, in addition to lipoic acid, often help support the body in digesting and assimilating both carbohydrates as well as proteins. Lipid oxidation can occur as a product of toxicity, but also carnitine deficiency. Many vegetarians, in fact, suffer from carnitine deficiencies which can affect the mitochondria of the cell. Once a person is further able to digest and assimilate the food they are eating combined with eating healthy foods, they are on their way to building greater health for years to come.

Currently, we offer a metabolic health class that teaches a person digestion, assimilation from the “top down”. If interested in learning more about your metabolism and how to heal it feel free to come to a class, or schedule an initial visit to discuss in person. Being a functional medicine provider, I am able to examine lab work on a deep level beyond highs and lows to uncover root causes of imbalances in health rather than fighting disease processes. I truly enjoy this work as it creates long-lasting impact for people by transforming their health.

Want to learn more? You can purchase tickets to our wellness classes here.
All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

Natural Remedies for Cough, Cold, and Flu Prevention Tips

Natural Cough Cold and Flu Prevention BCND

It is that time of year again. The beginning of running noses, coughing throats, and high fevers. Every one of which has not supported any weaknesses in their immune system are now prone to attack by the many microbes that lurk within our environments. Bacterias, Viruses, Parasites, and even Molds are now lurking around waiting for an unsuspecting host. There must be a way to which one can fend off these critters without having to run to the nearest doctor for an antibiotic. Additionally over the last few year research is being presented regarding antibiotic resistance and the need for more reserved antibiotic prescriptive approaches. The majority of the antibiotics are prescribed in primary care settings and very few times are the prescriptions as a result of a test to confirm the source of the infection. Strep tests and once-overs are typically the cure-alls to in-depth diagnostic testing and children as well as adults alike leave with a scrip in hand for the local antibiotic of the week. Staggering numbers of people approach their primary cares in an effort to find relief from a cough, cold, and flu symptoms with little questioning as to the efficacy of their treatments. Common pathogens causing these conditions in children is Streptococcus Pneumoniae which can concert into a covert serious pathogen in both children as well as the elderly. IN common treatment, Penicillin is often recommended in addition to Amoxicillian. Pre or probiotics are seldom prescribed as an addition in order to reinoculate the microbes in the GI system. Once an antibiotic bomb is sent into the system, it takes approximately two years for the microbes to regenerate themselves, in kind. In a recent Swedish study examining children’s upper respiratory infections and the treatment of which through antibiotics it was founded that although the antibiotics were still seen to be effective the results did prove that continued antibiotic treatment increases bacterial resistances to the antibiotics and therefore continuous work still needed to be made in an effort to reduce antibiotic prescribing as a priority. Antibiotics do serve a place in the management of microbes as long as additional precautions have been made in order to support the bodies immune systems. We still are very much a reactive species in terms of reacting to the disease process only when it becomes a systemic issue. Very few of us work towards preventing disease rather than managing it, however, we are noticing a great shift in healthcare as time goes on. This is seen to be true in the case of H.Pylori, which is a type one carcinogen, most often triple combination antibiotics are being used to treat this super bug, however, in the recent years, it has become more resistant to antibiotics. It is currently estimated that H.Pylori infects more than half of the population; over 80% in developed countries and 25% in underdeveloped countries. H.Pylori, although is still being treated effectively using a triple antibiotic therapy has shown residency towards several antimicrobial agents, specifically clarithromycin or metronidazole.

So what is a person suppose to do in the day in age of antibiotic resistance and fears of susceptibility? The first thing is clear as we leave the era of reactivity we stand firmly into proactivity, especially in the area of our health. It is vital that we work on building the health of the body rather than waiting for and fighting disease. Innovative methods of a cough, cold, and flu prevention have been presented as a means to help support the bodies ability to heal while reserving the need for antibiotics for more serious situations or surgical procedures to which infection possibility rates are high. Probiotic cocktails are provided to boost the microorganisms of the digestive system in an effort to fight infections as they are presented to the body. If all the doors and windows are locked when an intruder steps forth the greater the likelihood of keeping the bad guys out. Keeping a healthy digestive system, which houses the majority of the immune system, is key to keeping all the windows and doors locked in your house. Stimulation of IgA that targets both bacterial as well as viral invaders is key to preventing any pathogens from gaining access to your precious immune system. Strains of L.plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, B. Lactis proved to be protective in a recent three-month study against a placebo where subjects were asked to report daily respiratory cold symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, bronchitis, etc.

Aggressive actions the first time cough, cold, or flu symptoms are demonstrated is also critical to the advancement of health instead of the fighting of disease.

Holisitc Flu Social 0033

  • 800 Mg Cimetidine
  • 9,000 Mg of Garlic
  • 200 Mg DHEA
  • 1,200 Mg Lactoferrin
  • 32 Mg Zinc Acetate Lozenges
  • 10 Mg melatonin at bedtime
  • 3,600 mg of Garlic extract
  • Dose of Tamiflu

The above-mentioned protocol is concerned the nuclear bomb of any flu cells in the body leaving little life within it. This protocol should only be taken over a short period of time, based on the toxic nature of some nutrients if taken over periods of time. Consulting with your holistic family doctor in regards to your needs is beneficial as well as recommended as this is only a general protocol and one may need more or less of many one nutrient.

Herbs like slippery elm, elderberry syrup, and old Indian wild cherry bark have been known for centuries to help ease sore and dry coughs that may be raw from coughing. While essential oils such as thieves, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus all have notable antimicrobial properties.

Natural remedies for treating children with a cough, cold, and flu include:

  • Regular hand washing
  • Good Nutrition
  • Restful Sleep

As well as this nutrient supports

  • Probiotics – Depending on the age probiotic strains are provided in order to help support the immune system.
  • Vitamin D3 liquid in a lower dose than what is provided to adults (500-1,000IU)
  • Echinacea, Vitamin C, Zinc – In the first onset of a cough, cold, or flu symptoms these should be given immediately to help support the immune system and aid int he ability to heal.
  • Black Elderberry – This can help reduce duration as well as possible symptoms of the cold or a cough-

Natural flu Remedies for Cough

There may be a time to which seeing your holistic doctor may be indicated and recommended:

  • If you or a loved one has difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty keeping foods or liquids down
  • Fever higher than 100C lasting more than three days
  • A cough or nasal congestion that does not improve after 14-21 days
  • Depleted energy reserves

Our office provides antibiotic free holistic and naturally cough, cold, and flu support using applied kinesiology or muscle testing as a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of the symptoms. Sometimes it is not a pathogen at all that is creating the symptoms so it is important to have a qualified healthcare professional evaluate the individual to determine what treatments are recommended for the immune system. Heavy metal, as well as chemical agents, could also be the cause even though the body is manifesting cold-like symptoms. Also, when working with supporting a person’s immune system sometimes less is more because anything out into the system will distract them body from getting well on its own. We are delighted to help you and your family in your healthcare journey in order to be proactive instead of reactive in a cough, cold, and flu season. Practice members and guests are treated at our practice and sick care appointments are available during office hours as well as after hours for practice members only. There is a relief as well as all natural healthcare support is only a phone call away. 757-685-4325

Book your Naturopathic Medicine Sick Care Visit with Dr. Steele by clicking here.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.