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Spring Detox II

    March is Spring Detox. This class will focus on our 21 day detox program and how the changes of the seasons is a perfect time to detox and heal the body. We will answer questions relating to healthy detoxification practices and discover the various forms of detoxes including DOs and DONT’s to Detox […]

Spring Cleanse: A Holistic Approach to Renewing Your Body

Spring Cleanse: A Holistic Approach to Renewing Your Body As the winter months come to a close, many people start to think about spring cleaning their homes, but what about spring cleaning your body? A spring cleanse can be an excellent way to jump-start your health and wellness goals for the year. As a holistic […]

Spring Detox Diet

Spring is the perfect time to focus on detoxifying your body and rejuvenating your health. A spring detox diet or cleanse can help you get rid of toxins and impurities accumulated during the winter months, leaving you feeling more energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the new season. In this article, we’ll explore the […]

Advanced Detoxification Treatments for Rapid Recovery

We do not often discuss our advanced detoxification services in our practice, so we decided to write a blog post dedicated to our advanced detoxification services. The purpose of our basic detox services is to introduce the body to the detoxification process. It does not add anything to the body just uses the body’s own […]

The Benefits of Steam Therapy: Benefits & Process

Are you wondering about the benefits of steam therapy? The use of steam baths goes back centuries often to the Romans and the Greeks who used steam as a means to heal and draw out impurities from the body. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, also documented the benefits of steam as means of generating […]