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Benefits of a Concierge Natural Healthcare Practice

Freedom with your healthcare

Many people that call our practice ask many of the same questions, do you treat “xyz” condition, do you have experience with “xyz” condition, or can you help my mom, my brother, my son, etc. The other question that often is asked is do we take insurance. Quite simply the answer is yes, we accept insurance for some labs and no, we do not accept insurance for treatment/care. We have chosen to become a concierge natural healthcare practice in Virginia beach, VA for many reasons, as explained below. We strive to create affordable holistic healthcare options that are supportive for the practice member and their families, while still preserving the integrity of natural health. At Holistic Family Practice, as a naturopathic medical practice trained and executing functional medicine in Virginia beach, we are often asked to explain further. What do all these terms mean, like concierge medicine, functional medicine, etc, and how is this different from my regular doctor.