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Spring into Health

It is that time of year, where things seemingly bloom. Our bodies transition from a dormant winter state into a refreshed awakening. We come out of hibernation, stretch from our restful nap, ready to take on what comes before us. A season change is an excellent time of renewal and transition to let go of what no longer serves us and move forward into the new. This renewal comes at just the right time as birds begin to resurface coming out to play, grass begins to resprout, and the sun begins to stay out longer to experience life. Springtime is the perfect renewal of our health as well, as our bodies and minds are an aspect of nature as well as creation. As we begin to live more in alignment with all that is around us, becoming more imbalanced and in harmony with who we are we rejoice as we shed our old skin to emerge a healthier, happier version of ourselves. The following tips are to encourage this renewal of spring and to bring light to perhaps areas of darkness within your lives.

  1. Begin to renew your relationships with gratitude. Look at the relationships within your life. Begin to become grateful for those that are in harmony, those that feed you, those that support you, nourish you and invigorate you. Also, reflect in gratitude for the relationships that you are not in harmony with your life. What have these relationships shown you about yourself, what can you be grateful for in these relationships, how have these relationships helped you grow and see yourself as a whole beautiful person of forgiveness.

  2. Reflect on your relationship with self. Are you feeding yourself with nourishing foods, are you provide enough hydration to yourself, are you moving, and providing yourself enough sleep in the evening time to be recharged in the morning.

  3. Check-in for a check-up, have you seen a doctor in a while. Have you had labs done within the last 6 months or year? Do you have symptoms or reoccurring health concerns that are not addressed? Get honest and present with how your body is actually progressing and reflect on are you building health or building disease processes.

  4. How are you managing your stress and emotional health? Do you drink a glass of wine every night or find yourself angry, frustrated, overly emotional. We are all human beings having a human experience. We all experience emotion differently. Some of us are confused by emotions, others overwhelmed by them, while others avoid them all together. Whichever type of person that you are it is perfect while beginning to build emotional intelligence is the key to transforming your physical health.

  5. Provide the space to grieve. Let go of all people, places, situations, circumstances, and experiences that do not serve you, while allowing yourself the space to grieve the process. Grieving a completion it allows for you to let go of the past, get it to nothing, in order to create a future from a space of nothing.


Springtime is a beautiful time, new life emerges and the energy begins to quicken as it prepares for the excitement of the summer. Days become longer and a light, airy energy envelopes all of our spirits. We are far more active, excited, and present to the miracle of life. If you have not seen a doctor recently or if you are in search of a doctor who listens consider a holistic practice as an option. As the only practice of our kind in the state of Virginia and beyond we seek to help individual people and families attain a true sense of balance and peace with their health as well s their life. I am truly grateful that you are connected to our practice and appreciate your commitment to your health. I look forward to continuing to serve you and your families for many years to come; keep an eye out for more exciting service offerings and announcements in the future as we continue to move forward in creating a safe, healing practice for your community.

To book your check-up please feel free to call our office at 757-685-4325 to schedule an appointment now.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.


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