Disorganized? Try These Micro Habits to Get Things in Order

Feeling scattered and disordered? It’s more common than you may think. Sure, your social media may make it look like everyone has their act together and enjoys creating Pinterest-worthy pantries, but for the most part, everyone could use a little help becoming more organized. Small daily habits can lead to productive lifestyle habits to help you improve your organization.

Micro habits are excellent for organizing all kinds of things. Small daily habits can make a big difference in how prepared you feel at work and at home. Being more organized can also help save

  • Time
  • Money
  • Worry
  • Stress

If you’ve been on the fence about starting productive lifestyle habits, focusing on organization is one of the easiest and most beneficial places to start. Remember our lives reflect our habits.

Here are some great micro habits that help anyone feel more organized

Empty your car every time you come home – It’s easy to keep your car neat and tidy by cleaning it out every time you come home. Place a trash can near your car and remove any trash as you exit the car. Keep a box or bag in the car to collect lose clothing, sports equipment, water bottles, etc.. and take them into the house. You can even invest in a hand-held vacuum to keep in the garage to quickly clean up the floors.

Take action with the mail every day – When you check your mail, it’s easy to toss it in the car, on the counter, or in a pile. Take action right away and throw away junk mail, open bills and put them in a secure place, and address any other mail that needs attention.

Create a staging area near the door – Place all items you’ll need for the next day beside the door before you go to bed. Staging your bags, sports equipment, workout gear, backpacks, and anything else that needs to make it out the door can ensure you don’t forget anything and you get out of the house on time.

Use designated boxes to clear up clutter – Designate a box or basket for each family member, toss their items into the container as you spruce up, and have them take it to their room when they go to bed for the night. This can help declutter the home, reduce back-and-forth trips to various rooms, and create a central spot for everyone’s belongings.

Invest in clear storage containers – Whether it’s shoes or items in the fridge, seeing is believing. Using clear storage containers helps keep things organized and easy to find. It also reduces the likelihood of buying duplicates of items you may have forgotten you already have.

Incorporating productive lifestyle habits can make it much easier to stay organized. They all add up together to help your home and life feel put together and easier to manage. Find the micro habits that make sense for you and your family and start to implement them right away.

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