Skip Google Doctor and See A Naturopathic Doctor

naturopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor near me

We’re all been there – you feel something, you go to the allopathic doctor and they dismiss your health concerns because you do not fit inside of the box. You go home defeated and start googling your symptoms, and all of a sudden, a Google doctor diagnoses you with an autoimmune disease, cancer, or anticipates you’ve only got a couple of months to live. One study showed that almost 90% of US citizens google their symptoms before even going to a real doctor. It can be helpful to think outside of the box and find a naturopathic doctor near me. 

Not only is this non productive, but it can also be harmful. Some articles you come across may advise you to take some supplements  or change your routine, which can actually worsen your condition.

But, let’s see why you should never google your symptoms, and go to a naturopathic doctor!

naturopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor near me
Homeopathy lab. Homeopath preparing alternative herbal medicines.

Googling Symptoms is Stressful

If you are worried about your health, the worst thing you can do is check online. If you are ready to research, you can do that once a naturopathic doctor near me examines and evaluates you fully. You can check for positive experiences to help give you motivation, and not destroy your spirit. The reason for this is because all of the information online is general and without data it is just information that cannot be applied. 

If you check your symptoms online and get across different diseases and outcomes, you can cause yourself unnecessary stress. Simply, what you find on Google doesn’t have to be true. 

You can find out that you’re dying and start saying goodbyes on google, while in reality, you might have only caught a cold.

So, to prevent unnecessary stress and don’t get traumatized, see a naturopathic doctor near me. A naturopathic doctor evaluates your health holistically, does not push medications and is trained to listen and educate you on your health concerns. 

Experts Haven’t Reviewed the Articles

Do you know who writes articles about healthcare online? Journalists, copywriters, and other non-medical staff. With the exception of some online magazines, in free databases, news, and lifestyle portraits, the articles aren’t reviewed by medical experts.

It means the information from the articles doesn’t have to be correct at all. Many of the articles are often opinion based, or product centered. 

The inaccurate information and advice put you at a higher risk of worsening your condition. A naturopathic doctor near me can review healthcare journals and studies while also evaluating your specific healthcare data.  

You Can Do Severe Damage

For example, you might have a weird rash on your hand, and a Google doctor told you it was a rare skin condition that you should treat with a specific medication or supplement. In reality, you might have a fungal infection, which can only worsen when you treat it with a medicaiton or supplement. 

Also, if you are suffering from chronic illnesses, be careful when following online suggestions. You can take some advice, which is counter-indicated to your condition. This is especially true with natural healthcare. People think just because its natural it is safe and that is not true. A naturopathic doctor near me can explain what issues may arise if taking the wrong natural healthcare product. 

Google Doctor Doesn’t Know Your Blood Levels

naturopathic doctor     naturopathic doctor near me

Most people google their symptoms before they schedule a naturopathic doctor s appointment, or get their blood work checked.

Blood analysis is a basic and an initial step in every diagnostic. So without them, googling your symptoms is pointless. Even if the Google doctor gets it right, it cannot interpret your symptoms, without the results of your blood analysis. It takes skill to evaluate laboratory and there is a benefit to the skill and experience of the provider. A naturopathic doctor near me can teach you what your lab work says and how it applies to you as well as practically what to do. 

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You are Not Trained to Interpret Medical Articles

Even if you find a database with accurate and comprehensive medical information, you don’t have enough clinical  knowledge to understand the articles. The exceptions are medical workers, but they rarely google their symptoms. They know better than that. They also know they cannot treat themselves or family because they cannot be objective. 

You can get more confused or act on information you’ve misunderstood.

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Assessment

A naturopathic doctor near me specializes in treating people with different healthcare conditions. Unlike Google, a naturopathic doctor has a personalized approach and access to individual healthcare  information of patients. That includes various scans, results of analysis, medical history, family history, risk factors, and every other relevant piece of information that can help your naturopathic doctor near ,e provide you with a correct assessment. 

Does Google have all of that?

You’ll never find two patients with exactly the same symptoms and assessment. A naturopathic doctor knows it and digs deeper to recommend the best treatment. There is great value in seeking a professional trained to help you. 


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