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In the first article of this series, we had a deeper touch with the reality of hypochondria, otherwise known as “illness anxiety disorder (IAD).”

We learned that this common disorder is characterized by excessive worry and fear about illness and health. We have found that several things have been shown to be helpful including shiatsu massage for anxiety and clary sage oil for anxiety. 

A person with IAD may obsessively check their body for symptoms of illness, avoid doctors’ appointments, and constantly worry that they are sick. They are often desperate to find solutions and it can be difficult to find solutions that are natural.

While there is no specific, one for all cure for IAD, there are ways to manage the disorder and reduce its effects on your life including shiastu massage for anxiety or the use of clary sage oil for anxiety. 

If you think you may have IAD, it’s essential to seek help from a doctor or mental health professional as we can provide numerous options such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, or support of the brain. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article isn’t meant to serve as a treatment for IAD or any other related disorder. Contact your medical or healthcare professional if you are concerned that you may have an illness anxiety disorder.

Why It’s Important To Treat IAD

One of the key points of our first article on the topic was that though primarily mental, IAD has a considerable impact on one’s quality of life and how one feels physically. Shiatsu massage for anxiety can be a helpful modality when looking to manage anxiety. Clary sage oil for anxiety can also be helpful to support the body, mind, and spirit of the person who is suffering. Please note that these are a couple of helpful options to manage the symptoms of anxiety and are in no way able to treat the root causes of anxiety which can be plentiful. 

Because a mental disorder has an impact on every other aspect of your life, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

And that makes sense if you think about it – Living constantly in fear means living in survival (stress). Anxiety is created from the person living in a constant state of fear. This can be triggered from traumatic events of the past, food reactions, or toxic and chemical reactions jyst to name a few causes. 

In turn, stress inhibits our ability to realize our greatest potential, perform best at our workplace and in our social relationships. Shiatsu massage for anxiety can be helpful to ease the stress of work and everyday life. Clary sage oil for anxiety can also be helpful in daily management of stress responses. 

This can lead to a pattern-based life that revolves around a particular deep fear that you may have. For this precise reason, you must be ultra-conscious about this condition and choose to explore the potential treatment options.

Treatment Options For IAD

Now, if you have this condition diagnosed, you are probably wondering – What is the best route towards resolving this soul-consuming condition once and for all?

And well, there are quite a few routes to take, but each one has a common goal – changing your perception of self and your bodily signals, as well as coming to a realization that the fear is irrational and doesn’t have concrete evidence to support it.

Let’s explore the options.


One of the most accessible treatment options for people with IAD is medication, as it is often beneficial to those living with this condition. Shiatsu massage for anxiety can be helpful, and can be used with or without the use of medication. 

Even more so, if the patient has other mental health illnesses such as depression, OCD, or general anxiety disorder, certain medications like SSRIs & SNRIs can be highly beneficial. Testing neurotransmitters as well as psycho genetic testing can be beneficial to ensure that there are no side effects. 

What Are SSRIs & SNRIs?

When it comes to IAD, the most commonly prescribed types of medications to treat it are known as:

Generally speaking, SSRIs are a class of antidepressants that have one main function – Inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin (a feel-good chemical in the brain), thus increasing its amount in the brain. The use of clary sage oil for anxiety also does not interact with these medications when used in conjunction. 

On the other hand, SNRIs are also a type of antidepressant that works in a similar way, only that it has an effect not only on serotonin but also another chemical called “norepinephrine.”

Prozac, Effexor & Lexapro are just some of the names of such medications that you’ve probably heard.

Though they can be effective when used in a short term capacity, SSRIs and SNRIs can also have side effects, such as:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Fatigue
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Dry mouth
  6. General anxiety
  7. Disrupted sleep patterns

Certainly, whether or not you should resort to these medications depends on your condition and past medical history, as well as the ultimate decision of your care provider. It is important to determine which medications would be effective by appropriate laboratory tests. 

Until that decision is taken, you can focus on other holistic treatment options related to the psyche and the body including shiatsu massage for anxiety and clary sage oil for anxiety. 

Lifestyle Change

If you don’t really fancy the idea of medication in the first place, you are, in fact, on a very good path towards recovery.

One of the MAIN reasons people suffer from IAD and general anxiety is rather lifestyle-related.

Think about it – The body was designed to move, eat and sleep well and to ultimately be healthy.

Even more so, its health is AUTONOMOUS! Shiatsu massage for anxiety can help physically destress the body while clary sage oil for anxiety can also be helpful for the mental health aspect of the person. 

Your entire body isn’t actually one big chunk of meat – It is a community of trillions of cells that work together towards a common goal – Keeping you alive.

And let us tell you this – You have to put a lot of effort into ruining that health because the body always finds a way to thrive.

With this in mind, your best bet is to observe your lifestyle and induce meaningful changes in your habitual life. These lifestyle factors can help you maintain your health. 

That does not necessarily have to mean obsessively counting your calories and tracking every step that you take.

Instead, think of it as:

  1. Becoming more active
  2. Consuming whole foods of good quality
  3. Getting some sun exposure
  4. Sleeping enough 
  5. Socializing

These five things are at the core of our human nature and are the things that helped us thrive through millennia! In essence these habits are designed to help you love yourself and take care of yourself os that you stay healthy mentally as well as emotionally. Getting massages such as shiatsu for anxiety can be a form of self care just like using essential oils such as clary sage oil for anxiety. 

In case you don’t have these five down to at least half-decent, odds are you will experience high levels of anxiety, fatigue, and even more frequent depressive episodes.

Final Thoughts

With the above-said in mind, here is some food for thought – Health is not really something you achieve through medication and treatments. It is something that you work on maintaining every day. 

Health is something you get back to, by … You guessed it – Getting out of the way of your own body!

Because quite frankly, whatever intelligent thing designed this amazingly functional and complex body of yours can heal and maintain it.

That can happen as long as you don’t get in its way with negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Just support it with what it’s been thriving for as long as it has existed – Movement. Sleep. Communication. This will help you to maintain your health. This can help mental, emotional, as well as physical health. 

Focus on these things, and you’ll see your anxiety disappear as long as there is no trauma that has created the anxiety.. Do things that make you feel fit, healthy, and capable.

P.S: There are many more treatment options for illness anxiety disorders. If you would like to find out what may help you with your anxiety please reach out for a consultation. 

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