Setting Healthy Boundaries with Dr. Erica Steele on Coast Live

This video is all about Setting healthy boundaries tips from Dr. Erica Steele

It is time now for another wellness minute Dr. Erica’s holistic family practice in particular.

Having healthy boundaries means balancing between how you personally feel as well as expectations of the outside world. When we don’t set healthy boundarie for ourselves, we tend to feel scared or even nervous, which triggers a lot of stress responses within the body. When you have healthy boundaries, you feel secure, supportive, and even more happy and whole mentally as well as physically.


Examples of setting healthy boundaries include knowing when to say no when you don’t want to do something, learning to follow through when you’ve made a commitment, communicating your feelings and thoughts to others. As well as knowing that taking full responsibility for your actions are key ways that you can set healthy boundarie for yourself as well as those outside worlds

Learn more tips on self-care

We’re often concerned with how well we’re taking care of others, but it’s important to give yourself the attention you need, too. There is a reason that on an airplane they often say to put your oxygen mask on first.

Practice self-care each and every day



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