Self Esteem Building: How & Why

self worth vs self esteem, self esteem building

You’ve heard the phrase “Appearances can be deceiving”, right? Not only is that absolutely true, but it can also have a big influence on your self-esteem and self esteem building. Sometimes those who seem the happiest are the most miserable. It has not come as a surprise as many well known people over the years, seemingly having it all, suddenly commit suicide based on their own feelings of depression and inadequecy. 

Self-esteem is linked with self-confidence and self worth which, like most things, is set to be formed by how the outside world sees us. When we look at our self worth vs self esteem we see the balances between the two and will distinguish the differences in the following article. 

This does not mean that the way you feel is dictated by what people think of you, but on some level, it really does make a difference. However as we reflect on self esteem building we can see the correlations and will explore these correlations greater. 

self worth vs self esteem, self esteem building
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What is self-esteem vs self worth, and how does it develop?

Self-esteem is about how one feels about oneself. The difference between self esteem vs self worth is self esteem is how you feel about yourself  where self worth is how you value yourself. The value and worth we subjectively evaluate ourselves with as a whole. With this definition, we can easily say that the part of ours that we evaluate the hardest is our body image. 

In self esteem building, self esteem is linked with how we perceive the world and how we think the world perceives us. This means that every little thing that we do regarding self-esteem building is to better our approach to different situations in life. As we review our self worth vs self esteem, we review various self esteem building techniques.  

It’s important to remember that people are not born with any gained level of self-esteem. It’s something that develops with time as a result of our upbringing and social contacts. Self esteem building happens over time as you conquer each challenge in life. 

A thing that can affect our body image and self-esteem is being raised in an abusive environment, physically or mentally, or being born with a distinct disfigurement or some kind of visible difference from others. These impact self worth vs self esteem and can impact both aspects of self leaving a person feeling worthless, broken, or unlovable. 

The early years

 If a person is subjected to different types of public or domestic psychological or physical assault, it most probably will affect one’s self-esteem. If these have impacted you it is vital to build self esteem building techniques. 

Even small things like a kid in preschool or kindergarten making fun of another can cause doubt in that young mind and create imbalances between self worth and self esteem.  

Our surroundings and the opinion of our social circle, even If we think we don’t get bothered by it, play a huge role in establishing healthy confidence in us.  

self worth vs self esteem     self esteem building
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If a person starts to acknowledge a flaw in the way you look, it is likely that you will start questioning your appearance. But as you learn self esteem building you learn to let go what no longer serves you including the opinion of others. 

That’s the way we are built, and even if we sometimes say we don’t care about what people think of us, we still soak in that remark. It requires self esteem building techniques to let go of what others think of us. 

If we give in to the idea that society and people form the way we feel about ourselves, we have a much harder time accepting who we are and what we look like in a healthy concept. 

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On the other hand, If we listened to family and friends that wanted to help us when the doubt was only forming, there is a pretty big chance we would know how to handle this kind of dismissive behavior towards us better. 

What our appearance says about us

 The way we perceive ourselves is the way we want the world to see us. It can also be a window into how we feel about ourselves. If we have not worked on our self esteem building then we have a tendency not to care about our appearance. It is a reflection of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. 

We go the extra mile to have a more pleasant effect when we look at ourselves in the mirror most of the time. As we are balancing self worth vs self esteem, we feel more liberated and motivated to look pleasant. 

But in reality, the thing that matters the most for building steady self-esteem building is accepting that we are what we are, and we’re perfect like this. 

It’s easier said than done, but it’s a simple philosophy to live your life without the stress and pressure of social evaluation. 

Things like comparing yourself to other people or not quite seeing your good sides can be dealt with and should be. 

Recognizing your own qualities, talents, and abilities is the way to build a stronger relationship with yourself and create stable self-esteem and self-confidence.

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