Risks You Take For Not Seeing A Naturopathic Holistic Doctor

Naturopathic Holistic, Natural Medicine

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

Two powerful old-school statements that are used to protect our egos from reality. When it comes to health issues, neither statement has any wisdom. In fact, what you don’t pay attention to can cause great harm if left unmanaged. Now more than ever it is important to manage not just your disease but also natural medicine practices as well as a means of prevention. Typically, healthcare comes from the standpoint of treating illnesses, diseases, and injuries as they come up. A reaction to a problem rather than preventing problems. Naturopathic holistic serves as your proactive approach to your healthcare by using natural medicine. While there is nothing wrong with seeking medical interventions when sickness or injury is present, there are great benefits to preventing injuries and illnesses before they happen using natural medicine or naturopathic holistic practices.

Naturopathic Holistic, Natural Medicine
Homeopathy. Woman visiting a homeopath

There are many reasons that people do not seek healthcare help:

  • Lack of education on the benefits of natural medicine care

  • No access to medical care

  • No insurance or income for natural medicine care

  • Religious beliefs

  • Influences in the media

  • Cultural beliefs

  • Frustration with Allopathic Care

  • A lack of trust in doctors

  • Being dismissed, medically gaslight by allopathic provider

No matter the reason, the results can be dire. The risks you take when you don’t see any doctor can be catastrophic, even deadly! Naturopathic holistic practices can solve this problem. One Instagram account, Nicole Angemi, MS, PA @mrs_angemi hosts an educational account that features the devastating realities for men, women, and children who do not seek medical care. Amongst her posts of medical mysteries, freak accidents, and diseases, are autopsies and other posts about preventable diseases that went undiagnosed and/or untreated. Angemi regularly shares that the predominant reasons people do not seek medical care are a lack of trust, a lack of quality providers, ignorance, income, or lack of access to medical care.

What are the risks you take when you don’t see any type of doctor?

Naturopathic Holistic Natural Medicine

Increased risk of preventable illness and disease- Whether you have annual exams and specialized screenings or seek medical care when prompted by illness or injury, seeing a natural medicine doctor is the best way to prevent or recover. When you don’t see a naturopathic holistic doctor, you increase the risks for developing preventable diseases or illnesses.

Things like:

  • Diabetes

  • High cholesterol

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Bone density issues

  • And more…

Many diseases and malfunctions within the systems of the body have few or no warning signs and lack of education can prevent the warning signs from being effective. Not seeing a natural medicine can cause permanent damage from preventable issues.

Increased risk of hurting others- There is an increase of spreading communicable diseases without regular screenings. If you are not aware of your health and your health status then you are not able to prevent the spread of various diseases. While a natural medicine doctor does not treat disease they do work naturopathic holistic practices to help support the immune system and allow the body to heal.

Men and women with untreated STD (sexually transmitted diseases) can infect others when they have unprotected sex. Not seeking proper medical treatment for an STD can create an epidemic of infected people as well as cause sterilization and other reproductive illnesses.

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Needless suffering- Untreated illnesses, diseases, and injuries can morph into far worse issues. Ignoring, avoiding, or not treating an issue can cause pain and suffering that is needless and preventable. Not seeing a natural medicine doctor can leave you and those who care for you or rely on you in great pains as well. Lost days of work, chronic illness, and permanent disability may be in the forecast without naturopathic holistic preventive treatment.

Early mortality- The fact is, untreated illnesses, diseases, and injuries can reduce life span. From prevention to treatment, seeing a natural medicine doctor can prolong lifespan and give the best quality of life regardless of any diagnosis. They are trained through naturopathic holistic practices and then teach you as the patient how to prevent, reverse symptoms, and stabilize the health of the body.

There is great risk from not seeing any doctor. Being prevention-minded and seeking a natural medicine doctor to prevent illness through naturopathic holistic approaches is the best way to prevent needless suffering and prolong a better quality of life.

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