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Spring Allergy Symptoms

Spring allergy season is upon us and so many symptoms happen as a result of immune systems that are not strong enough. Many people assume that spring allergy symptoms just happen, however that is not accurate. The immune system is deeply connected to the digestive symptom. The digestive symptom houses majority of the immune system. Just like hippocrates said all diseases begin in the gut, and let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. As a result, if people were more in tune to their immune system they would support their immune system prior to the shift of the seasons.

When the seasons change both in fall and in spring the ecosystem around you shifts. The trees and flowers shift which changes the environment. Pollen, grass, leaves, flowers, etc add another element on top of an already taxed internal ecosystem. Our bodies internal ecosystems are already overtaxed based on environmental stressors. Environmental stressors come from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. There are also many other sources of environmental stressors that we are exposed to but these are the main sources to consider. The impact of these environmental stressors provide greater difficulty on the immune system. The immune system works hard to keep the body imbalance yet the bombardment on it is difficult during the spring allergy season.

The immune system attempts to cope by creating spring allergy symptoms. These symptoms include running nose, itching eyes, nasal stuffiness, etc. The symptoms can be instant and ongoing throughout the entire allergy season, but if you support the immune system ahead of time you can potentially avoid these symptoms. Supplemental supports such as quercetin, and bromelian and wonderful anti-inflammatories that help support the immune system. The key to natural treatments for spring allergies is to start early before the allergy season begins that way the immune system is supported BEFORE you develop symptoms. Once you develop symptoms it is more challenging to stop the symptoms. If you need a custom developed remedy for supplements contact Dr. Steele, our naturopathic medical doctor today!