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In this video, Dr. Erica steel will explain ways to reduce stress in ten minutes.

reduce stress

Video Transcript 

It’s time now for another wellness with Dr. Erica steel from holistic family practice and the world is an incredibly stressful place with not a lot of time.

So these health tips are all about how you can reduce your stress in less than 10 minutes. The first step is about recognizing your breath at the moment really being present with your breathing. That’s just inhaled and exhaled. just catching your breath in the moment can really help a lot of times we just let our breath kind of run wild.

The second step is about getting back into your body. When we listen to our body. We’re fully present and engaged in what our bodies are telling us. Even if it doesn’t feel good. We can feel the pain.

We can feel tightness, stiffness, or even really when we tune in instead of tune out to our body which helps us to become more aggressive. The next step is reframing.

So whatever it is you’re stressing about shifting that to something else. So as a, for instance, I’m stressed about my bills, but I know that they’re always paid, simple reframes can really help you to reduce your stress in less.

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