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Micro habits are actions or behaviors that are small but mighty. On their own they may not seem significant, but added to other habits they make a big impact. One micro habit, making your bed in the morning, can actually help set the tone for your entire day.

Making Your Bed Boosts Your Mood

One of the reasons to make your bed in the morning is the instant accomplishment at the beginning of the day. It sets a tone that you can complete something. Psychologically, this helps motivate you to cross other things off your daily list. It feels good to complete an action and automatically boosts your mood.

Making Your Bed Looks Great

One of the reasons to make your bed in the morning is that an unmade bed looks messy, which can make the entire room look disheveled. Even pulling the covers tight and fluffing pillows makes a difference instead of making your bed in the morning.. Going the extra mile to decorate an eye-catching bed can elevate the look in your bedroom. Buy coordinating bedding and take the time to add pillows or a comfortable throw blanket.

Making Your Bed Triggers Similar Habits

Getting into the habit of making your bed actually triggers other micro habits. Your brain internalizes how easy it is to complete a microtask and the momentum leads to completing other micro-tasks throughout the day.

Making Your Bed Contributes to Your Mental Health

Statistics show that people have a more positive reaction to getting into a made bed rather than an unmade bed. Something about pulling back the covers and sliding into a nicely made bed elevates mood and helps you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer.

Making Your Bed is an Act of Self Love

Another reason to make your bed in the morning is that you spend a significant portion of your life in bed. Having a comfortable bed with luxurious bedding is a simple way to care for yourself. Your bedtime can be restful and restorative if you take the time to make your bed pleasing, welcoming, and comfortable.

Making Your Bed Models Good Behavior

Whether you live with your family or all by yourself, making your bed models the habit for other people. What you do influences those around you on a regular basis. If you hold a standard for making the bed, it encourages those around you to follow along.

Making your bed in the morning may seem insignificant, but it can get your day started on the right track and actually influence how much you tackle throughout the day. Make a micro habit of making your bed an easy-to-do, everyday practice.

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