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Being the kind of parent you want to be requires knowledge, consistency, and a sense of confidence. When you truly know that what you’re doing is the right thing, even in the face of conflict you’ll follow through. As naturalist doctors near me will teach you, having strong listening skills is critical to you and your child’s relationship. 

One important skill to cultivate in your children is listening. A Doctor of Naturopathic near me, can teach the skills necessary to not only help your children, but also support your children’s mental and emotional state. Good communication skills will benefit your children in all aspects of their lives – at home, school, work, and in relationships. If your children know how to listen well, they will live a more fulfilling and successful life. They will also be able to develop empathy and help others. 

Mom with teen

Naturalist doctors near me recommend to Try these strategies to promote strong listening skills in your children:

  1. Listen to your children. One of the strongest ways that children learn is through modeling behaviors of their parents. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, helps parents get past their own limiting beliefs about their children, such as they do not have a right to speak, or they do not need to speak, or their thoughts and feelings don’t matter, etc.
  1. When you demonstrate good listening skills in your everyday life in the presence of your kids, they will learn those skills, too. They can see how it’s done by watching you. They will also respect you more and appreciate your willingness to hear them.
  1. Stop doing whatever you’re doing. When you want to communicate with your child, suspend your current activity to focus completely on them. As a naturalist doctor near me, I promote focused attention which means whether they initiate the conversation or you do, stop what you’re doing so you can concentrate on your interaction. This shows that their communication is of value and is respected. A Doctor of Naturopathc near me, can teach you how to focus if you find that your brain wanders, you are anxious, etc.
  2. Make eye contact. In any type of communication, look in the eyes of the person you’re talking to and teach your children to do the same. It is important that they are fully engaged with you in communication. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, I often come across those with whom are painfully shy and fearful about looking at people in the eye. I have also seen as Naturalist Doctors near me, those that have been negatively impacted from trauma can have a challenge looking at people eye to eye.
  1. Say your child’s name. When you talk to your children, saying their name will help get their attention and set them up to be ready to listen, just like when someone calls your name, you stop what you’re doing and look at them. Consequently, as a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, we do not recommend calling a child outside of their name, or making fun of them. Even if you do not mean and ill will by it this can cause some stress and strain on their self esteem.

If they don’t get it quite right, you have an opportunity to repeat what you said for clarification and to enhance their listening skills. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, I often will say yes, you heard me say x, but were you able to here me say xx. Having them fully think through the communications helps them to think more clearly into things that are being said to them.

Listening Skills

Reinforce a child’s effort to listen, no matter how small. When your child shows the smallest attempt to listen or to even approach listening, it’s smart to reinforce those efforts right away. As a Naturalist Doctor near me, we often encourage positive reinforcement. This will help build the child’s self esteem and not always be focused on their negative behaviors. 

Promoting your child’s listening abilities is best done in small ways every single day. As a parent, you’re the best role model for teaching your children communication skills. Reward their efforts with smiles and positive comments, and you’re on your way to building their listening skills for a successful future.