Micro Habits Can Fight Illnesses and Disease

Many illnesses and diseases including digestive issues, high blood pressure, or type II diabetes are influenced by our lifestyle and choices. While genetics does play a role in our predisposition for certain illnesses and diseases, whether or not they manifest is often tied to our personal choices and lifestyle. Healthy habits to prevent diseases can prevent, reduce, or reverse some illnesses and diseases resulting in better health, money saved, and a higher quality of life.

You are What You Eat

What you eat matters. The healthier the foods you eat, the more they contribute to your overall health. You can choose foods intentionally to combat certain diseases and illnesses or prevent them altogether. Food represents many things including comfort, celebration, and culture, but mostly it represents a path for your health. Creating micro habits for your diet can help fight disease and illness with very little effort.

What You Avoid Makes a Big Difference

Choosing healthy foods is one of many important healthy habits to prevent diseases, but so is avoiding the wrong foods. You benefit your body by what you add but also by what you avoid. Avoiding salt, fat, and sugar can make a big difference in your health. What you eat matters, but so does what you don’t. If you have a habit of eating highly processed foods, you can make a big shift in your health simply by curbing some of what you choose.

Try these micro habits to create prevention of lifestyle diseases –

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and before every meal
  • Give up table salt when eating meals
  • Eat snacks that include a protein + carbohydrate + healthy fat to manage blood sugar
  • Consume probiotic and prebiotic food each day for gut health
  • Go latte, cocktail, or soda free one day per week
  • Eat a leafy green salad at dinnertime
  • Order pizza with thin crust rather than thick
  • Drink a green smoothie for breakfast each day

Healthy habits to prevent diseases don’t have to be outrageous to be effective. The more you get used to the changes the easier they will be and you’ll be able to add new habits to the mix. Be patient and allow enough time to adjust. Your healthy body will react and the feelings of more stamina, healthy glowing skin, amazing digestion, and more will motivate you to keep adding micro habits to your routine. You will also benefit from the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

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