Take Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing With Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that treats the entire person with the intention of allowing and stimulating the bodies ability to heal itself. The best naturopathic doctor understands and respects the body to heal itself and works with the bodies ability to heal rather than force of fix the body. A holistic doctor in my area will guide me through the process of self healing teaching me step by step what I need to do for me to heal myself. 

Treatment methods commonly used by the best Naturopathic Doctor include diet/nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques, homeopathy, herbs, massage, and manual therapy. A holistic doctor in my area will perform proper diagnostic or laboratory assessments to determine what the most appropriate treatments are based on the lab test results. 

Naturopathy might sound like voodoo to the uninformed, but its popularity is increasing. Many people are seeking the input of the best naturopathic doctor and many of the holistic doctor in my area. 

There are studies underway in the US and Canada to assess its efficacy and cost-effectiveness for reducing the impact of many medical conditions. There is a growing body of scientific evidence for naturopathic treatments. 

The most common ailments treated with naturopathy include skin conditions, allergies, headaches, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, neurological imbalances, immunological imbalances just to name a few. It is believed that the body comes off balance of nutrients and toxins which is why the body becomes ill. When nutrients are deficient and toxic loads are high within the system the body is not able to heal. Accumulations of toxins are believed to be a cause of disease process. 


Naturopathy has several advantages over conventional medicine:

Naturopathy leverages the fact that the body is very good at healing itself. The basic premise of naturopathy is that the body can often heal itself if given the chance. The best naturopathic doctor provides the body with tools it needs to heal itself. It is believed the body was made to heal itself, if we provide it the right environment and conditions to heal. A holistic doctor in my area is trained to show me my blind spots so that I can heal.

  1. Giving the body the best opportunity to heal itself requires removing the obstacles that stand in the way.
  2. These obstacles can be seen or unseen in ur blind spot
  3. These obstacles can be mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, environmental, etc. 
  4. The shifts away from heal from disease are subtle, and take time. Healing is not an overnight process. Many people come into our practice expecting a miracle, and while miracles do happen it is the practice and process of healing that does the work for the person.
Health Journey

Naturopathy has a strong focus on disease prevention. The best treatment is prevention. Why wait until something is broken to fix it? It’s better to avoid breaking it in the first place. The best naturopathic doctor will project into the future what may be the case of no changes are made, they can also tell you what steps you need to take so that you do not create or manifest disease. A holistic doctor in my area can also guide me and show me what needs to be done from all perspectives to get well including what mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral components that need to be resolved.

Naturopathic treatments address the individual. Conventional medicine largely treats everyone the same. If you have a particular set of symptoms, you receive a standard treatment. Naturopathy is unique in that each individual is treated based on their experiences of the whole. The best naturopathic doctor will work integreativly with your conventional or allopathic provider but will address the root causes of your condition.

  1. Naturopathic treatments are highly individualized. Your diet, genetics, health history, and lifestyle aren’t exactly like anyone else’s. Even your outlook on life mentally, as well as emotional expressions are all a part of your healing. A holistic doctor near me, will explore all aspects of self even the role of relationships both past and present within your life. It only makes sense that you should not be treated in exactly the same way as everyone else with your medical condition.
Holistic Healthcare

Naturopathic treatments address the cause rather than the symptoms. Conventional medicine frequently addresses the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. Allopaths are trained to manage symptoms instead of address and treat root causes. Many times people become frustrated with allopaths for managing symptoms but that is their job.

  1. For example, high blood sugar is commonly treated with drugs that lower blood sugar, but there’s little done to address the root cause of the high blood sugar. Going to a holistic doctor in my area, would involve me looking into my diet, behaviors around that diet, what lifestyle habits I may have supporting that diet, my environment, emotional coping mechanisms, etc.
  2. When the cause is addressed, there is the potential for the body to heal itself. The best naturopathic doctor will look t all aspects and not skip over any critical factor that may be key to heal. When only symptoms are addressed, there’s much less chance of experiencing a highly positive outcome for chronic illnesses.
Naturopathy medicine

There is a significant cost savings to the patient. The conventional medical machine is like any other business. It’s all about time and money.

  1. Your conventional doctor is unlikely to spend a significant amount of time making a diet and exercise plan with you. It’s far faster, and within the structure of your insurance company, to give you a prescription and kick you out the door. There is a standard to the amount of time patients can be seen by an insurance company for payment. Many times it is not your conventional doctors fault that he or she is so rushed.
  2. Many of the treatments recommended by naturopathic doctors are inexpensive compared to the costs of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. That’s not to say that these treatments are never justified, but there are often safer, more effective, and less expensive alternatives. The best naturopathic doctor will provide a step by step approach rather than providing you large amounts of supplements up front. The body simply cannot process all of that. A holistic doctor in my area will also observe your diet and the role your diet plays in your overall treatment plan. They will use your diet as a basis for your healthcare plan and will build supplements off the diet.

Naturopathic treatments are safe. Pharmaceuticals have side-effects. Surgery carries a risk. Many conventional treatments have the potential to cause harm to the body. It makes sense to start with the least damaging treatment that still has a good likelihood of success. The best Naturopathic doctor will follow the order to which the body heals, a defined path to healing. The person receiving the treatment may not understand the path, even after explaining and educating, however if you trust the process a holistic doctor in my area can show you how to heal.

Naturopathic treatment can take many forms, but it addresses the entire person. Naturopathy considers the body and the mind. A holistic doctor in my area will review all of the facets of healing. Positive thinking, stress reduction, sleep quality, diet, exercise, self-awareness, supplements, herbs, homeopaths and manual therapy are just some of the common treatment components. NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, etc are just some of the tools and techniques used in treatment. 

Naturopathy can be a good option for those with an open mind and a commitment to health and disease prevention. Naturopathy isn’t the answer for every health condition, but it can be a better option for many health conditions. Give your body the chance to heal itself. It’s smarter than you think. Our practice offers consultations for both individuals as well as families in addition to many DIY plans for those self motivated.