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9.0 Metabolic Health for Men

Metabolic health relates to your metabolism and how you break down, process, and assimilate nutrients for energy production. As we age, our vigor fades from the impact of failures, emotional stresses, children, marriages, career, and life. If your waist has begun to extend past your belt line you can clearly determine that your metabolic health is being affected. It begins with the food that you eat and the inactivity that is lacking to burn off the food. Over time the blood sugar rises, which can then lead to clogged arteries which can block blood flow. As the blood sugar levels continue to build belly fat, regardless of the activity levels of the person. The visceral fat begins to collect around the internal organs acting like a giant gland pushing chemicals around the midsection creating an ever rounder, softer, and a more feminized appearance. The chemicals of aromatase convert testosterone to estrogen, creating man boobs. Hormones called adipokines promote insulin resistance, which causes you to gain even more weight. As fat begins to build the body becomes more inflamed. High levels of inflammation double the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. These inflammatory diseases deteriorate as you become older, possibly creating a burdened relationship with health.

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Shifting unhealthy lifestyle habits is the key to maintaining a quality of life. By creating an accountable strategy for one’s health with structure and discipline health can be achieved effortlessly with consistent attention and focus. Scheduling an annual check-up that includes evaluation of lifestyle risk factors is helpful when determining how to create a healthy long lasting life. In addition, paying attention to key metabolic health markers can create a healthier metabolism. This month our promotion for men’s health month is a $50 Men’s Health Physical that includes a comprehensive physical, symptom assessment, and muscle testing to understanding current bioenergetic risk factors. If you would like to take it a step further and review a more comprehensive lab review, our CLIA certified lab is capable of running many non-waived lab tests including HS-CRP, an inflammatory marker, HGA1C, a blood sugar marker, and many other lab tests to look at kidney liver function, and immune system function. We also work integratively with your allopathic providers including primary care physicians as well s specialists to help support you and your health.

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