Managing Sugar Cravings By Dr. Erica Steele

Sugar Cravings

This video is on Managing Sugar Cravings by Dr. Erica Steele

Video Transcript

Wellness better with Dr. Erica family practice in Virginia Beach managing your sugar cravings is key to improving your immune system keep your body stable as well as healthy. We want to make sure we keep balanced blood sugar. And when you’re constantly eating foods that have sugar or sugar-like substances and you’re driving unhealthy bacteria growing off your blood sugar, as well as reducing dopamine. Dopamine acts as a pleasure center in the brain. So as you’re you’re continuing to eat sugar mimics that response within the brain which depletes your brain. We want to ensure that you reduce your sugar cravings by increasing your proteins, specifically your lean proteins which have rich amino acids, reducing your high glycemic fruits and vegetables. So does your breads your pastas, your rice, but even your parents as well as your warriors and things of that regard. We want to ensure to that you’re using natural things to increase dopamine levels, such as exercising or taking a walk or even meditating to be able to allow the brain to relax naturally in its natural state. Making sure that you’re not continually driving the sugar cravings is important for overall brain health, but also immune system health as well over a long period of time.

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