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8.0 Mens Hormones

Many Men are unaware of the importance of maintaining a healthy hormonal system. Much emphasis is placed on female hormones, however, men and women both can have hormonal imbalances. Gaining a clear understanding of hormonal health is key to maintaining health as well as longevity for many years to come. Throughout a man’s life testosterone, a male hormone helps to maintain muscle as well as bone mass, sperm production, as well as sex drive. Many men quietly suffer from this hormone imbalances and do not seek help due to fear or shame of being judged or the idea they are less of a man as a result of the imbalances shown.These imbalances in health can negatively impact the quality of life, including marriages, energy levels as well as work production.

Getting present with your current hormonal status is helpful in determining how your body feels, how it functioning, in an effort to begin to nourish your body with quality nutrition. Important hormone health concerns for men include; Prostate concerns including enlarged prostate and prostate cancers. Male hypogonadism or effects of low testosterone and consistently lower blood levels of testosterone levels. Male infertility or the inability to produce sperm adequate for reproduction Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction and decreased libido

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The first step in working towards healthy male hormones is discovering where your hormone levels are currently. Salivary hormone testing is the most accurate and is the gold standard for Functional Medicine practices. Our CLIA certified lab offers a myriad of state of the art male hormone laboratory testing in order to determine the underlying causes of imbalances with one’s health as well as to create a comprehensive plan to help a man recover his health. Our office hours are Monday through Friday with convenient Morning, Afternoon, Or Evening Hours to meet everyone’s needs. We even offer one Saturday per month. Our initial consultation options include a complimentary 15 mins consultation or a one-hour consultation that includes your bloodwork review and treatment plan for a fee. Please visit our consultation and booking page here to learn more about how we can help you and your family live naturally.

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