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This video is by Dr. Erica and she will describe maintaining good mental health and its effectiveness.

Mental Health

The time now for another wellness mentor with Dr. Erica Field from holistic family practice.

Self-concept relates to how you perceive yourself in the world. So your thoughts and your feelings all create your reality. And so making sure that you have a healthy self-concept is really important for your habits, your actions, and ultimately your behaviors as well as your lifestyles. affirming to yourself every single day that you’re healthy, you’re vibrant and your whole all concrete, healthy actions of health throughout the day.

Taking those affirmations right before bed, meaning saying them to yourself as well as right when you wake up, ensures that throughout the day you’re having a healthy mental diet. A healthy mental diet looks like being able to express and communicate to yourself throughout the day what it is you want with your health.

So I’m healthy. I’m happy, I’m whole and vibrant. Doing so can allow for your actions and your behaviors such as eating healthy or drinking water to carry through throughout the day. Having a healthy self-concept can allow you to be able to have a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for years to come.


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