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Speaker 1: Welcome back to Coasts Live. Our next guest says instead of setting a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you should work towards creating a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more with us. Dr. Erica Castile from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach explains why. So we love it; thank you so much for returning to the show. Of course. Always. This is the time of the year. Yeah, it’s what everybody’s definitely. There’s a better way to approach that.

Speaker 2: Yeah, and I think, too, people put so much emphasis and stress on. Oh my gosh, now I, it’s a new year. I’ve gotta make changes. I’ve gotta do things. And so they do it too quickly. And then they crash and burn by February, the middle of February. The burnout. Yeah, exactly. I teach a lot of more incremental steps. Okay. In terms of creating a healthy lifestyle over a long time,

Speaker 1: they work smarter, not harder, right?

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly. We’re doing it in the right way, gently, gradually, and consistently deliberately over a long time.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So one of the things we discussed before this segment, With losing weight, one of the main concerns is skin. Yes. So you’ve seen on some of those big shows where people lose a ton of weight very quickly, or you go gung-ho, and your skin can’t keep up with that weight loss. Correct. So you deal with saggy skin or the loss of collagen. No collagen. Exactly. You have a method, and I didn’t even think about this before: you should be proactively doing both. Correct. How you do.


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Speaker 2: Yeah. So that’s why we invested in our iNode device. Okay. Because it uses radio frequency, it builds collagen, rebuilds collagen, and helps with fat reduction. Okay. At the same time too. Yeah. It’s a simple machine. Super simple and painless. Correct. It’s painless. Exactly. It’s a little warm. That’s about it. But there’s no pain attached to it, which is really lovely. And so we do that while working with a patient on losing weight. Okay. So we have a lot; we have a metabolic health scale where we do all their assessments upfront. We have an app that tracks the food in their water. If they haven’t logged in, we actually send them. Hey, accountability right now, US accountability. Yeah.

Speaker 1: How often do you recommend, like the pro, this is as you’re losing pounds, correct?

Speaker 2: Yeah. So we do it or think of it as icing on the cake. Okay, gotcha. If somebody comes in and they’re 20, 40 pounds overweight, we really have to get them down. Yeah. First, before we start to add this in. Okay. It’s about eight to 16 weeks. And we incorporate that one to two times a week, depending on the skin’s elasticity. Okay. Depending on where they are with it. But it actually does fat reduction as well. It does it in combination. So it can also jumpstart like an added bonus.


Yeah, exactly. Your skin tightens a little bit of that fat, carbon fat. And you can see Exactly. Some before and afters. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, and these are some of my. From different parts of the country. Okay. So yeah, you can see she was good before. Yeah, they were both excellent before, but then it just adds this extra,

Speaker 1: This tightens this. Yeah, I know exactly. A lot, especially moms out there. Yes. You have what we call the sad belly button. Oh my gosh. So your belly button doesn’t get it; it droops down. Yes. But does that help with the

Speaker 2: It does. Okay. It does. We have one unique case. And of course, we have a lot, so we didn’t show it. But yeah, it was awesome. After one treatment, you could see she had twins. She has really stretched out afterward, after one treatment. And it doesn’t replace natural diet, exercise, or other things. But what it does is it really works in concert with it, which I love. Yeah.

Speaker 1: And you do; you bring it all together. , because that’s what we need more of and not this drastic approach. Yeah. So you have to be patient. I learned that the hard way after. Oh, I know. Number two, you have to be patient. Exactly. So anybody that wants to try this, let’s tell you, do have a unique, of course, we do in the new year. Help you out? Just Yes. What is that?

Speaker 2: Yeah, definitely. So we usually have ’em try, they come in for a consultation, we assess them because we also don’t want to, we wanna manage expectations.

We want to make sure that we need to put this in place first. Naturally, people come to me from all different health walks, so you know, medications, lab, we have to do lab work. We do a lot. We do a lot because it’s holistic. And then, we have the integrative medicine approach. The functional medicine approach. So we offer a lot in. Practice.


Speaker 1: Okay. If anybody has questions about it, where can they contact you?

Speaker 2: So our website, holistic Family Practice, va, I’m responsive on Facebook. Hint, hint, Go on Facebook. Yeah, exactly. So thanks. I like Luke Skywalker. Yeah. I deal with it on Facebook still no more.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Oh, that’s great. I know people are going to appreciate it. So thank you so much for the information. Make sure you reach out to her, especially on Facebook, and we’ll see you next time. Awesome. Thank you so much for being here.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much. Take care.

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