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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that uses breath, mantra, and movement to move the kundalini energy throughout ones body. It is believed that we all contain an amount of kundalini energy, or untapped potential energy. It is through the effort of breath, mantra, and movement that one can tap into this internal kundalini energy. The kundalini energy then moves up the base of the spine alongside the chakras which then creates enlightenment.

Many people are confused as to what is kundalini yoga, which is derived from the sanskrit word of “coiled energy”. This energy becomes uncoiled and awakens self awareness. This new found energetic self awareness opens up the person to having an awakening. The kundalini practice is benign to any religious practice. There is no conflict to the practice of kundalini practice and any spiritual practice.

Kundalini is merely about connecting to ones deeper aspect of self. Connecting with ones self is key in building self awareness, self love, and intimacy with self. Kundalini can be used as a tool to help remove blockages within the subconcious mind, freeing a person from addictive habits or patterns.

The kundalini practice can also raise a person’s frequency vibration to help draw closer those things that matter the most. It has the potential to still the mind and empower the person to live a healthier life.

Kundalini builds strength and stamina for the physical body. With comfortable and relaxed positions unlike more traditional yoga practices. This practice can strengthen and support the body. Kundalini yoga can also improve mental clarity, and focus especially with the various breathwork practices.

A typical kundalini class includes tuning in, warming up, and then a series of kriyas combined with breath work, and mantras. Mantras are frequencies that help cut the negative thought processes. It is common to wear white as a symbolism of purity, and head covering to help contain the kundalini energy within the body. Kundalini helps to tonify the nervous system which is often overtaxed by our intense stressed lifestyle. Schedule a consultation at Holistic Family Practice and learn more about kundalini yoga.