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Ionic Foot Detoxification BCND

Ionic Foot Detoxification is one of our basic detoxification services in our practice. Our basic detoxification services are mild, and gentle to the system while using the bodies own ability to detoxify either through the use of heat, moisture, ionic exchange, etc. They are all safe, effective, and passive practices to help rid the body of many unwanted toxic substances from our body. Unfortunately, we live in an era of time to which toxic substances are unavoidable. The EPA recently reported that over 70,000 chemicals are commercially produced within the United States with new ones introduced on an annual basis. Out of these toxins reported approximately 65,000 are classified as potentially harmful to human health and wellbeing. Over 3,000 chemicals are found within our food supply and over 700 added to our drinking water. Gentle detoxification methods are key in reducing these overburdened toxic substances, while not disrupting the homeostasis of the body. The body must contend with these toxic substances so much to the point that the shear act of detoxification can become difficult to manage on its own. This breaks down the immune system, further complicating the body’s mechanisms to handle basic processes. Major symptoms of high needs for detoxification include nervous system and challenges within a person’s emotional wellbeing. Our bodies have become so overwhelmed by the toxins that even detoxification itself may produce short-term discomfort. This is why we utilize basic detoxification services, in order to clear the secondary drainage pathways to make way for more intensive detoxification processes. Ionic Foot Detoxification is just one of the basic detoxification services offered within Holistic Family Practice with a goal of supporting the bodies ability to heal itself by gently eliminating toxic substances while moving the bodies bio-energetic frequencies.

Five common external sources of toxicities are as follows:

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Many forms of detoxification exist and many detoxification practices often build upon one another. Many people are so toxic and littered with chemical and metabolic toxic substances that they are unable to withstand physical chelation initially when beginning a health regimen to include detox. Often times in my practice we must first spend time building the body up and supporting the bodies natural functions before we are truly able to detox the body. Basic detoxification including the foot detox is a good way to begin that process. The Ionic Foot Detox System works off of the bioenergetic system. When stimulated the body’s own natural ability to detoxify itself is enhanced and the primary, as well as secondary drainage pathways, begin to flush toxic substances out. When electromagnetic fields are charged the efficiency of the body’s own ability to detoxify is enhanced helping to rids the body of unnecessary cellular waste. Often times people become confused by the process thinking that the water changes colors based on the toxins excreted or even still some people are told that actual participles are removed from the body through the pores. Neither mechanism is true, however, studies have been performed that have tested the PH of both the person as well as the water before and after treatment with a positive result. Even still the water has been tested before, during, and after in controlled experiments to reveal higher amounts of urea, glucose, as well as creatine. In additional subjective patient surveys, participants reported enhanced health from improved sleep, a greater sense of well-being, pain relief, increased energy, improved digestion, etc. Granted this survey was an analysis of participants receiving these services and thus was a subjective not objective analysis of the efficacy. Even still, this is the mechanism even to which placebos work, as people subjectively believe that the placebo will be effective. However, in the previous study mentioned where glucose, urea, and creatine molecules were found in the post water in addition to studies to which ph levels changed within the person receiving treatment does point to osmotic diffusion activity through the skin by cotransporters or substrates. Although findings were small based on the sample size the presence of non-ionic plasmatic molecules suggests the passing of biological membranes and presumably extracting ionized toxic waste.

In my personal experience of using the ionic foot detox in practice, I was a naturopathic student in preceptorship training. Preceptorship is when we train not only with other naturopathic students but also other doctors. I was training with a chiropractor who also performed nutrition response testing and nutritional assessments. I was initially very skeptical of the foot detox treatment but people loved it and my fellow naturopaths who were farther along in their training seemed to be positively affected by it. What changed my perception of the effectiveness of the machine will always stay with me. Of course, we had the common conditions coming in for naturopathic care, diabetes, hypertension, etc. standard metabolic health imbalances that had pretty dirty water. The colors always began about the same with inflammation from the joints expressing itself first, which made logical sense to me. We then began to have an influx of Cancer patients in our practice, some who took chemo, some who refused, others with radiation etc. Those that took chemo their water was black, literally black, dark chunks, smells, it was putrefying and disgusting unlike anything I had ever seen before as I witnessed this I became a believer instantly. I know generally how toxic chemotherapy is to the body and in some cases, it is recommended as a course of treatment. Witnessing the toxic effects of these substances coming out of the body made lasting effects on me, not just with the understanding of ph balances within the body during these states of disease, but also the true effectiveness and usefulness of the foot detox. Even though we all may not be able to explain it, understand it, prove it, or otherwise the wast have been using machines such as these as a means of keeping well for centuries. In fact, eastern cultures to which utilize devices like this one with great faith actually have a better overall health rating than the west with industrialized and high cost, high technology treatments. Although I am not a proponent of better or worse or us against them I do think that the comparisons are interesting to note. I offer those interested in detoxifying themselves and following a different path, perhaps even the road less traveled to give it a try, besides you have nothing to lose but excess waste.

Please note ionic foot detox is contraindicated for certain conditions and all guests to our practice must complete a complimentary 15 mins wellness visit or one-hour consultation prior to participation in any of our basic detoxification services.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

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