Interesting Facts about the Brain

Interesting facts about the brain

Being one of the most complex organs of the human body, the brain’s information we have is far less than the data we don’t possess. The following article is about not only how to improve the brain health but also some interesting facts about the brain. 

The anatomy and functions, while being heavily unknown as of now, are incredibly unique and fascinating. 

The human brain always has shocking revelations and surprises for biologists and scientists, so here are some interesting facts about the brain which can help you to learn how to improve the brain health, which might leave a jaw-dropping impression on you as well!

15 Interesting Facts About the Brain 

1. Weighing three pounds, the majority portion of the brain is fat (about 60%), making it the fattest organ in the body. With a firm yet jelly-like texture, it makes up about 2% of the body weight. Despite weighing so little in comparison, it does take up the most energy in the body, with almost 20 to 25% of the blood going straight to this organ.

2. Sweat can end up in the shrinkage of the brain. It is because the brain is primarily composed of water, and dehydration will make it shrink. But how much exactly? Well, a solid 90 minutes of continuous sweating shrinks your brain to the same size as it would after a year of aging. However, this shrinking is temporary, and the brain regains its size after getting the lost fluids. How to improve brain health includes drinking adequate amounts of fluids and water. 

3. You are seldom “thoughtless.” The brain typically creates 48.6 thoughts every minute. And the part of the brain responsible for daydreaming (the default mode network – DNM) remains primarily active. Therefore, daydreaming is way more common than you can imagine. Interesting facts about the brain include the creativity of the brain, the day dreaming, and the mindset shifts. 

4. Your brain remains unformed till you’re 25 years old. It develops from back to front, and the structure working on reasoning, the frontal lobe, etc., remains underdeveloped till that age. How to improve the brain health includes improving brain function. Ways to improve brain function include the use of biofeedback and neurofeedback. 

5. Your brain can store a significant amount of information and has unlimited capacity which is one of the interesting facts about the brain.

6. We don’t remember things well when we’re older, mainly because of the brain’s inadequacy to clear out and filter the previous information to sort out the new data. However, we might end up remembering what we seem to have “forgotten” from a long time ago. However, one of the interesting facts about the brain is that you can work to improve brain function on a daily basis with things such as crossword puzzles, and logic games. 

7. The brain can communicate information fast. And by fast, according to research one of the interesting facts about the brain, we mean an impressive speed of 268 miles per hour, which is much better than the best computer humanity could create. 

8. The brain doesn’t die immediately. If the blood supply is cut off, it will take 8 to 10 seconds before it starts fading out. By stopping oxygen, it can last up to the next 5 or 6 minutes at most. How to improve brain health includes to get adequate oxygen.

9. Another interesting facts about the brain includes the contents of the brain. The brain is primarily water (almost 2%). Therefore, as little as 2% of dehydration will affect your cognition drastically.

10. We have all heard the myth that you only use 10% of your brain. It’s wrong. You use all of your brain in every single task you do, even sleeping. How to improve brain health includes being mindful of how you use your brain, which can be improved through meditation. 

11. Well, the organ between your ears can light a bulb as well. Thanks to the 23 watts of power our brain generates.

12. Intelligence isn’t a work of sizes. A bigger brain doesn’t make a more intelligent person. Men, generally, have larger brains, but the size of the hippocampus is more significant in women. Interesting facts about the brain include the concept that size does not matter when looking at intelligence.

13. Blood and oxygen are the fuels of the brain. The harder you work it out, the greater it will consume. And the consumption can increase up to 50%. How to improve brain health include adding more oxygen to the brain by using chlorophyll supplements. 

14. Well, none of us can say we control our minds. Because, mostly, we don’t. Most of our decisions do not even occur in the conscious part of the mind (which makes about 5% percent of the total brain).

15. You have two brains, one in your head and the other in your intestine, both containing neurons. One of the interesting facts of the brain include the gut brain connection. And how to improve brain health includes cleaning up the digestive tract and healing the digestive system.


Apart from being difficult to understand, our brain has the most impressive functions and structures, etc. 

Interesting facts about the brain will definitely provide you with an insight into how your brain rolls and help debunk some of the prevailing myths about the organ. This can also teach you how to improve the brain health. 

While these facts may sound surprising, there are many more still unknown to humanity, so…

Stay curious!


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