Integrating Natural Healthcare Into Your Routine

This video is about integrating natural healthcare by Dr. Erica Steele.

The time now for wellness minutes with Dr. Erica Steele for holistic family practice in Virginia Beach.

Natural Healthcare

Video Transcript

Natural Health Care integrates with your traditional health care team by offering support for you to stay well. Prevention is one of those ways prevention such as maintaining your fruits, your vegetables your diet.

Also helping your mental and emotional states can help prevent diseases overall natural health care health support and improve organ function such as the liver when we support the nutrients on the liver not only doesn’t metabolize all of our nutrients well, but it also detoxifies and that’s natural healthcare is designed to toxify all of the environmental stressors that our bodies are being exposed to, from the air the food or water integrating natural, as well as traditional health care, can allow for you to holistically maintain and optimize your health.

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At the time I had no idea that I would be a Naturopathic Doctor. My parents are both scholars, multi-degreed, and both instilled in me the desire to learn as well as think for myself. My mother was a nurse and is now a social worker, so for me, caretaking was considered common practice when helping people. She worked with a variety of patients in a variety of settings and while in school, also brought me with her to learn. As a young girl, I sat in organic chemistry classes and ran around labs learning complex structures prior to my maturity. This really created a deep understanding of how the body works on a cellular level and unknowingly prepared me to be a functional medicine practitioner.

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