How to Overcome and Heal From an Autoimmune Disease

6.0 How to overcome and heal from an autoimmune disease

These days many people experience the effects of autoimmune diseases. Watching a loved one struggle and suffer from pain, inflammation, and debilitating suffering is not a fun experience to watch and can sometimes leave people feeling helpless. Not to mention, the person who has manifested the autoimmune disease. Often times they are frustrated, overwhelmed, riddled with multiple symptoms that are often unexplained with various doctors, and specialists abound all scratching their heads struggling to find the cause of various symptoms. I am here to simplify this for you.

Autoimmune disease is multifaceted, meaning that they are not just a single entity, or effect a single system, they affect all systems of the body. Healing these various systems take time, attention, and a multifaceted approach if someone is to find relief in their suffering. There is relief from the burden of pain, both emotional as well as physical anguish created in this dis-ease process. The first thing to do in the process of healing is recognizing this experience as a gift, which can be hard to do when you are being limited by the physical experience. Begin to recognize this experience as a spiritual awakening to which you choose to surrender to in order to create healing for yourself. This will provide you with the will necessary in order to do the physical aspects of healing. Forgiveness practices help transform darkness that has been buried deep within the tissues. As we suppress certain thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions we then internalize them deep within our tissues, thus creating suffering or diseases. The study of disease is known as pathology, and the root word of pathology is pathos, which means suffering. If you truly want to shift your autoimmune disease you first must begin to shift away from suffering. This shows up as any insecurity, sadness, frustration, disappointment, resentment, anger and the like. These I refer to as low-frequency emotions. These emotions are debilitating and can hold us back from truly living powerfully in the present moment. As mentioned in previous educations on this topic autoimmune diseases often result as people are picking themselves apart in an unhealthy manner. They often judge and criticise themselves as well as others harshly and are unwavering in the injustices to which they see in the world.

6.0 How to overcome and heal from an autoimmune disease 2

Even still, there is a way out if you are willing to let go of what you think you may know about autoimmune conditions. What we have been taught is the absolute truth about illness as a whole. Illness is not just a physical experience. It is a spiritual, mental, emotional as well as physical experience. It not only affects the person experiencing but he loved ones surrounding the individual. It affects the person’s family and friends in a profound way, leaving them faced with their own humanity. This truly can be the greatest wisdom and the greatest teacher as the person actively decided to overcome this condition. One of the reasons I truly love what I do is that I am privileged to watch the miracle f G-D through every person determined to live a healthy and hopeful life as he intended. G-d does not want us to experience lack, heartache and health loss quite opposite actually. He wants us to experience health, wealth, abundance and prosperity in health and through all things if we are willing to let go of what may be holding us back from what we truly desire. I am not suggesting that this is an easy process of discovery or that every person I meet is open to the experience, I am simply suggesting another perspective in health and healing that I have studied and experienced for more than 17 years. I have always been a seeker of truth, guided by the creator to serve his people transforming all those seeking healing. I am grateful that you have read my perspective and hope that if you are suffering or know of a loved one suffering let them know that help is simply a phone call away. We also offer classes in order to educate and deepen the understanding of natural healthcare and how anyone can live from a holistic perspective.

All information contained in this blog post is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is neither intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment nor for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

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