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Love handles women sound cute, but most adults who have them want to get rid of them. They’re the stubborn excess fat that gathers on the sides of your waist and hips. If you try to cover them up, they can spill over the top of your pants and give you a muffin top.

That extra weight is an issue for both men and women even though how to lose love handles women is often what women think about primarily. 

When you try to slim down, you’re likely to find that your love handles women will be the last place to budge. On the one hand, it’s a victory to see your cheekbones and shed the deeper abdominal fat that’s been linked to heart conditions and diabetes. On the other hand, you still want a trimmer waist.

With enough patience and effort, you can say goodbye to your love handles women. Try these ideas for changing the way you eat and work out.

How to Lose Love Handles Women

Dieting to Teach You How To Lose Love Handles Women

If you’re storing extra body fat, what you do in the kitchen is even more important than what you do in the gym. Put together an eating plan you can stick with for the long run.


  1. Cut calories. You’re unlikely to lose weight through exercise alone. Use an online calculator to figure out the minimum number of calories you need each day. Try small swaps like baby carrots instead of chips for your afternoon snack.
  2. Consume more fiber. Eating foods rich in fiber will help you to feel full. Good choices include vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Be mindful of gluten free grains such as Quinoa, and Lentils.  
  3. Slow down. Eating mindfully is another way to feel satisfied with less. Sit down to eat and savor each bite. Being slow and steady with eating is key to be able to digest and assimilate our foods.  
  4. Drink water. It’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger. When you feel the urge to snack, have a glass of water or tea instead. Make sure that you are drinking a minimum of half of your body weight in water every day when you are learning how to lose love handles women.  
  5. Spread out your protein. Your body has to burn more calories to digest protein compared to fat and carbohydrates. Include a little protein in each meal and snack. Ensuring that you are getting a balance of macronutrients is critical to be able to keep enough nutrients.  
  6. Avoid empty calories. You still need to give your body its full share of essential nutrients. That may not leave much room for junk food or alcohol. As we learn how to lose love handles women, we must ensure that we are eating food that fuels the body.  
  7. Appreciate moderation. At the same time, a diet that’s too restrictive can make your body hoard fat and make you vulnerable to binging on forbidden foods. Give yourself an occasional treat and watch your portion sizes when enjoying your favorite dishes. I tend to recommend the person only choose one meal as a cheat meal. 

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Exercising in How to Lose Your Love Handles Women

While spot reduction is a myth, working out is part of the solution for love handles women. Physical activity will help you burn calories and blast away fat.


  1. Train in intervals. Alternating between high and low intensity exercises helps you to burn more calories in less time. Work with a trainer or design your own program, including plenty of cardio. Doing cardio a few times a week is helpful, but you also want to add strength training to help build strength to the body.  
  2. Think big. Exercises that use large muscle groups or your whole body are more demanding than smaller movements. Spend more time doing squats rather than bicep curls. Working on specific muscle groups especially the lats, and the obliques are helpful when we are strengthening our bodies. Pilates can be able to strengthen the body, especially the core muscles.  
  3. Tone your midsection. For a powerful midsection, you need to work your entire core. Target your back and your upper and lower abdomen, as well as your obliques. Pilates has been shown to help tighten and tone using body weight exercises. This exercise helps to stretch and strengthen the midsection while also tightening and toning love handles women.  
  4. Build muscle. Replacing fat with muscle will help you burn more calories even at rest. Lift weights or do body-weight exercises like push ups and dips. Light weights with high reps build long lean and tone models. Also, yoga incorporates breathwork with stretching as well.  
  5. Move more. Staying active throughout the day counts too. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Vacuum the stairs and rake the yard. Using your environment to help build more physical fitness is a great way to learn how to lose love handles women.  
  6. Schedule rest days. Overtraining can cause hormone imbalances and slow down weight loss. Take time to recover between workouts. Chronic stress has similar effects, so be sure to develop relaxation practices and sleep well. Also, not overscheduling your life, having good time management, as well as learning to say no is also very important to the overall health and well being of the person. 


Shrink your waist by focusing on long-term lifestyle changes you can sustain. It may be tempting to look for quick fixes but in reality it takes time to shift the body to a healthy way. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can transform your love handles women into a strong and beautiful core.

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