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Humans are losing the power of focus by the day and it seems like in the coming years a mere few seconds of attention will be rated as quite an achievement! How to focus the mind in today’s environment is even more important and can be very difficult. However, you can learn about focusing the mind one step at a time. 

Millions of distractions around us have sucked away our power of focusing the mind

Sometimes this lack of focus takes a toll on us when we push ourselves hard to focus and develop a strain or headache instead of learning how to focus the mind.

Well, we must now learn one thing: focus can’t be forced!

If you force your mind to concentrate, you’ll only torture yourself – making concentration next to impossible. How to focus the mind involves relaxing the mind instead of forcing of the focusing the mind. 

But, don’t lose heart already…

Because we CAN claim back our power of focus by learning how to focus the mind.

In this article we’re going to learn how to achieve a laser-like focus in our daily life by focusing the mind.

All you need to do is read through and follow the advice to the letter.

But before that let’s first find out…

How Important Is Focusing the Mind?

In simple words, the ability to focusing the mind on one particular thing (or thought) determines your destiny as you learn how to focus the mind.

The longer you can hold a thought in your mind the better…

Because when thought is focused upon it gains momentum and that energy helps you work faster and smarter as you begin focusing the mind. 

On the other hand, distraction breaks up that momentum and drains your energy.

Also, don’t mistake ‘holding a thought’ as ‘thinking about something non-stop’ – that’s not focus, that’s sulking or daydreaming. 

Or simply put, that is distraction not focusing the mind.

Focus means letting a thought (or goal) consume your mental energy so that you become ONE with the thought and no several unwanted thoughts are eating away your attention… 

Such unwavering focus results in true creativity, art, discovery or some invention.

Got it?

Top 6 Steps to Achieve Mental Focus…

OK… So let’s go over the top six steps that will help you learn how to focus the mind which is so natural and inherent to us human beings.

1) Daily Workout Is a Must! 

Yes, it’s a must because (now listen) your body and mind are NOT two different things. They are one! 

If your body is not at the peak of its health your mind can never perform at its peak either.  

So… start with a daily workout (best in the morning)to help in focusing the mind  and keep at it – no matter what the mind says. 

The workout will surely help you get in shape physically but, apart from that, it has plenty of benefits for the mind like learning how to focus the mind for example: 

2) Check Your Dietary Habits 

This is in conjunction with the first step – keeping the body healthy!

You may think the mind is impervious to what you eat and drink but that’s not the case.

In fact every bit of junk food that you gulp down will have a damaging impact on the quality of your brain and make it more difficult in learning how to focus the mind. 

Every bite of a jumbo-sized cheeseburger kills your potential to focus mentally.

If you don’t believe it just observe yourself the next time you eat junk, you’ll see with every bite you take your awareness dwindles making it more difficult to focusing the mind.

So cut down on junk, eat healthy and drink pure.

Take good care of your health if you really want to achieve BIG things in life!

3) Have a Definite Goal…

Having a strong, definite goal in life means you have a reason to wake up for the next morning…

Because obviously your office (or boss) is hardly a reason to shun your precious sleep and get out of bed, right?

If you wouldn’t fear a pay-cut you’d never wake up on time for the office, isn’t it?

So take a minute and think about what you REALLY want from life, choose a goal that can set you on fire and march straight towards it.

The goal can be anything like money, power, health, love, etc.

But once you have your goal you’ll be focused, and will want to be focusing the mind.

You’ll realize what a wonderful feeling it is to wake up every morning in pursuit of your goal… 

4) A Clear-Cut Plan to Follow 

Lack of focus might also be caused by a lack of a clear schedule or plan for each day, which may inspire you to learn how to focus the mind.

Without a definite plan the mind wanders off into its past destructive patterns…

So give yourself a clear plan that you can work on every day by focusing the mind on the plan… Construct a tight timetable that you can follow in your daily routine.

Also, make a clear-cut plan toward your goal to follow daily – and stick to it by focusing the mind! 

5) Take Away the Distractions

You know, most people always get the meaning of “focus” wrong!

They think they’ve got to apply pressure upon their brain to fix the attention by focusing the mind. That’s wrong and such practice will drive you crazy!

Focus comes naturally when… the distractions around are removed which is one of the ways of how to focus the mind.

For example, when there are no distractions, focusing the mind will be  automatic and there will be no need to struggle. See the point?

So look for the things that divert your attention and keep them away as long as you’re working on the task that demands your focus…

6) Spiritual Practice and Meditation

This is perhaps the most important step of learning how to focus the mind  all because it’s directly related to the mind.

There are 100s of spiritual practices that you can choose from to help focusing the mind  and incorporate it into your daily routine…

But this is something only you can decide for yourself to focusing the mind because nobody else can tell you which meditation type will work for you.

Start with whatever you feel like doing (breathing, focusing on a thought, chanting, visualizing, etc) and see what suits and delivers results for you.

When you’ve picked your practice to focusing the mind  stick to it patiently.

Just within months you’ll witness an amazing shift in your consciousness and newfound strength in your focus!

Get Focused and Success Will Follow!

Napoleon Hill, a top American success writer, described focus as absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to gain success, either material or spiritual…

The quality of focusing the mind  is such that once you develop it (with the help of the above steps) you won’t even bother about the success! 

Because all that would matter to you would be the present moment, the process not the goal.

You’ll be absorbed in the process while the success will follow you home like the dog follows its master!

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