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Every parent would like their child to be successful in life – a winner, an autonomous, resilient, self-confident person, who is more often happy and satisfied than not – someone who conquers everyday challenges and leaves the battle without too much scarring. Good doctors near me are hard to come by, and just to be clear a doctor is a teacher, one who educates me on how to keep my child well, as well as provide me resources to help me in the process. My doctor wasn’t doing that, so I looked for a holistic doctor near me. Holistic doctors look at the big picture. They take into consideration, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even environmental as well as ancestral implications to health and advise me on how I can improve. 

Brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie said, “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” I was not born with a great family, they didn’t teach me how to love myself, how to support my emotions, or how to use those emotions for greater good. They would often mock me and put me down. I knew I did not want my daughter to experience these same things so I looked to anyone I could for help. I looked for teachers, therapists, good doctors near me, and of course a holistic doctor near me. At the time, I could not find a holistic doctor, other than a chiropractor. And while I respect chiropractors I do not consider them holistic. 

Yes, perseverance is what it takes to deal with life’s difficulties each and every day. I had faced a lot o adversity in my own upbringing and life, but I did not want to put that on my daughter. I did know I wanted to teach her what it took to be successful. 

A good holistic doctor near me could have posed these questions, such as how do we do that? How do we teach our children to stay persistent despite difficulties and delays in achieving success? Even allopathic good doctors near me wouldn’t ask me about my parenting, how things were going if I need resources, etc. It was mostly about if she has any diseases or problems. When I said no, I just needed to make sure she was well they would often look at me perplexed. So how do we prepare them for life without scaring them to death or putting crazy thoughts in there head.

A holistic doctor near me or even good doctors near me could have taught me The best way to teach perseverance to kids is to read them stories. Spending quality time with your child and being patient can prove to be helpful in the process of learning for them. Reading stories about heroes and even introducing them to various cartoons or movies can be more beneficial than you might think. I remember when Inside Out came out in the movies. I was so excited about a movie discussing emotions, it allowed us to open a dialogue and for me to teach her more about emotions in a non threatening manner. 

The “Hero’s Journey” is the standard template used in stories, fairy tales, and movie plots. It explains how the hero handles the situation, deals with the difficulties, solves the critical issues, and as a result, learns something new and significant. This is a great way to teach about problem solving, resilience, perseverance and becoming the “hero” in the child’s movie. 

As a holistic doctor near me I teach for parents to share beneficial, perseverance-related messages with your child from heroic tales:

Planting the seed of perseverance in your child’s mind might seem complicated, but it is rather simple. Just ensure that you are there for them when they fall to validate their emotions and reward their steps forward, no matter how small they are. Guiding your child through the hero’s journey is a perfect way to start.

Most importantly, be a person who doesn’t give up easily and your child will learn to do the same. You can be their hero, guide them through the hero’s journey!