You’ve struggled. You’ve dieted. And nothing has worked. Big Changes. Small Changes. All the changes. Holistic Weight Loss was built to take the guesswork out of releasing excess.

Letting go of limiting beliefs, fears, worries, doubts. I can’t. I won’t. I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t. Break through the thoughts, emotions, and core beliefs that have held you back from being fit, trim, and sexy.

Now is your time to experience life in a sexy body, own your body, be one with your body, embrace your body.

What if there was nowhere to get and you already had the body you desired now. It wasn’t hard, stressful, or difficult. What if you could let go of all of the excess easily, effortlessly, and freely.
Now you can… I will show you how.

My proven method has helped thousands take back control of their health, and well being find empowerment and feel healthy, whole, and trim once and for all.

About Dr Steele

Dr. Erica Steele is a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, integrative medicine practitioner, and public health educator with a private practice in Virginia Beach Va who treats people all over the globe.

Dr. Steele offers a unique evidence based, scientifically proven holistic approach to helping people heal chronic disease. Her approach addresses the root cause of imbalances in health. She is a public health expert on holistic medicine, naturopathy,
integrative medicine, and natural healthcare sciences.

Dr. Steele has been in natural healthcare practice for 20 years, holds 6 degrees in her field, and has treated well over 30,000K patients in clinical practice.

She is a public health educator for many healthcare professionals including physicians, mental health professionals, and health coaches. She is looking to create a network of holistic medical professionals to support those suffering from health challenges.

Holistic Weight Loss
is a No Nonsense
Course on My 6 Week
Process to Letting
ShXt GO!!

This course is designed for those looking to release an old pattern, old beliefs and an old way of handling their health. This course demystifies all of the limiting beliefs and empowers women to take back their health, healing their bodies, minds, and spirits. Holistic Weight Loss will be simpler than others.



Week One

Embrace the Unknown. Clearing fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, I can’t and all the head trip around the process. We get all of the limiting beliefs out, and open. Freeing ourselves to experience life in a new way.

Week Three

Now we are picking up speed, momentum, clarity and structure. We are beginning to see possibilities of creating a new world, a new life, and a new body once and for all.

Week Five

We discover our resilience, our ability to persevere and create new habits that can carry us through life. We practice forgiveness and grace while also holding ourselves deeply accountable to the process.

Week Two

We create a new identity a new way of being. How we choose to show up in the world, unbraid to be seen, heard, and experienced. We embrace ourselves fully.

Week Four

We are settling in to our new awareness, our new experience of life in our body, mind, and spirit. We are owning ourselves and steadily working towards our goals of being fit trim and sexy.

Week Six

We celebrate. We have arrived. We have established habits and patterns that will last a lifetime. We are satisfied with our progress. We are delighted and excited about our continued growth both inside and out.

I am Ready to release
the old and Step into
the body of my dreams

The Process

Once you check out you will be sent an email with access to the course as well as instructions to request your app access. My staff will send you your app and you can either take the course via our website or the app. Through the app you will have daily tasks, tracking, workbooks assignments, and videos to review to track your progress and keep you moving forward towards your health goals.



Are You Ready To Truly Live Your Life?

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