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There is no denying that prevention is superior to treatment when it comes to healthcare. Holistic healthcare is based in prevention. They seek to prevent instead of treat disease. They work with you on nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, mental, emotional, and even ancestral trauma. Heading off disease and illness is preferential to treating it whenever possible. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent unwanted and unnecessary illnesses and diseases through holistic primary checkups, nutritional exams, and health screenings.

Depending on age, there are recommended tests and screenings for men and women throughout their lives. While some are less of an issue in younger years, additional tests come into play as we age.

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Let’s take a look at what a holistic primary care practice looks like:

Women ages 18-39

Traditional Primary Care Supports Holistic primary prevention through the following screenings:

Holistic primary reviews the following in Women ages 50-above

Traditional Primary Care reviews the following:

Women ages 50-above

For men holistic primary is a little different.

Men ages 18-49

Traditional primary care looks at the following screenings:

Men ages 18-49

As men age holistic primary as well as traditional primary care changes

Holistic Primary looks like the following for men:

Men ages 50-above

Traditional Primary Care reviews the following:

Men ages 50-above

As you can see, there aren’t many differences in the sort of and type of screenings men and women should be having. There are also differences between holistic primary and traditional primary. We serve two different roles in healthcare. Allopathic primary care looks for diseases while holistic primary seeks to educate patients on what they can do proactively for their health. Other than reproductive organ differences, men and women have virtually the same systems that are at risk as they age. Screening and looking for changes or alerts of potential issues can make aging easier and catch anything that may be a health threat.

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While this list is general, there may be more specialized tests that are recommended based on the individual needs of each person. From hormone testing to genetic issues, every person is unique and deserves a highly personalized well-care plan. Holistic primary specializes at looking at the individual, which is why we look at over 350 data points on each individual person. This creates bioindividual care plans.

In addition to cancer screenings and other tests, here are some additional tests that should be done every year at a minimum, unless your holistic primary or traditional primary directs you otherwise:

These are equally important for great health and remaining independent as we grow older. Issue such as cataracts, hearing loss, and dental diseases can dramatically affect health and quality of life. You should also be working on your mental, emotional, as well as spiritual health per a holistic primary provider.

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Managing health is a lifelong commitment. Many of the checkups taken in younger years can prevent illness, injury, and disease in later years. Consistent and routine medical checkups can make life easier and healthier for you and your family. Schedule your checkups and encourage those you love to do the same.

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