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Holistic Nutrition is a four week self paced video course that reviews the elements of nutrition. Week one begins with the mindset of holistic nutrition, followed by the nuts and bolts of healthy nutrition. We will review the nuts and bolts of healthy eating, fad diets, meal planning, how to eat healthy, using food as medicine and more. This course is a four week video series, that is self paced with PDFs and Video copies of each lesson. Each lesson is approx. 30-45 mins long and is taught by Dr Erica Steele, Holistic Doctor and Founder of Holistic Family Practice. This course is designed for those who are overwhelmed or confused about eating healthy. So often than not people fall prey to fad diets because of the lack of education in eating healthy. Once a person learns to eat healthy, by learnign the science of eating healthy than they can use food as a tool, and then food as medicine. In this very practice matter of fact course structure Dr Steele reviews all that you need to know to go from confused and overwhelmed to confident and self assured about how and what to eat when choosing a healthy lifestyle. This course also includes the support of a facebook group where you can ask questions, as well as a private Q+A session as a bonus where Dr Steele will demonstrate HOW to take what you learn and develop a Meal Plan. Click the link below to learn the modules of the four week course.




Holistic Nutrition