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A holistic lifestyle is one that incorporates all aspects of self, many people talk about what it means to live a holistic lifestyle but few truly live an authentic holistic lifestyle. Is your mind thinking about the best holistic doctor near me? Let’s find a holistic doctor & know about her.

About Dr Steele

Dr. Erica Steele is a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, integrative medicine practitioner, and public health educator with a private practice in Virginia Beach Va who treats people all over the globe.

Dr. Steele offers a unique evidence based, scientifically proven holistic approach to helping people heal chronic disease. Her approach addresses the root cause of imbalances in health. She is a public health expert on holistic medicine, naturopathy,
integrative medicine, and natural healthcare sciences.

Dr. Steele has been in natural healthcare practice for 20 years, holds 6 degrees in her field, and has treated well over 30,000K patients in clinical practice.

She is a public health educator for many healthcare professionals including physicians, mental health professionals, and health coaches. She is looking to create a network of holistic medical professionals to support those suffering from health challenges.

In this course, I will teach
you how I have lived the
last 25 years of my life
and what I have learned
about a holistic health path.

This course is designed for people looking to make a change, to break through to the other side, and transform their lives. Mid life crisis welcome! Baby boomers celebrated! Teenager rejoice! This course is for anyone looking to take their life and their health to the next level.




We will explore your physical body. What it means to be truly well, healthy, whole, and fit. Our physical body serves as the foundation for our world, our health, and our wellbeing.


We will explore our personal and our professional environment. Our boundaries, our relationship with self as well as others. Our careers and what inspires us in our physical environment. We will also review the role of toxicity and how that impacts our physical health and well being.


We will examine core beliefs, limiting beliefs, thought patterns, what keeps us stuck, what shapes our perceptions and view of the world.


We will explore emotional intelligence, repressed emotions, trapped emotions, and the role our emotions play in our everyday world of manifestation and integration.


We will discuss our connection to source. Our intuition, trusting ourselves, trusting the universe, and trusting our experiences in life as teachers for our souls. This is merely a container that all religious walks of life may sit comfortably in- we respect and appreciate all chosen paths to our creator.


We will uncover ancestral patterns, blocks, energies, agreements, trauma, and even lifestyle habits that have been passed down through our DNA. We will reflect on the impact that our ancestors have had on us in this life, honor them, and give them back what no longer serves us in this life.

Holistic Makeover is my personal awareness on what it truly means to live a holistic lifestyle. We meet people at all levels, all walks, and all lifestyle backgrounds who have a deep interest in a holistic lifestyle, what it means to live one, and how to live one authentically.

I am Ready to Create
my Holistic? Lifestyle
but I need a payment

The Process

Once you check out you will be sent an email with access to the course as well as instructions to request your app access. My staff will send you your app and you can either take the course via our website or the app. Through the app you will have daily tasks, tracking, workbooks assignments, and videos to review to track your progress and keep you moving forward towards your health goals.

We look forward to helping you
master your mindset around lifestyle.